Archives of the Communauté de la Vingtaine de la Ville de St Helier


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Includes minute books 1773 – 2001. These include records reflecting much of the development of the town centre of St Helier. The early minute books and account records could be especially relevant for research into this area. Account records are quite varied and span the period 1803 – 1996. The main accounts can be found in series B1 and B2 and span this whole period. Subsequent series provide more detail in the form of Ledgers, Day Books, records of receipts, bank books, records of expenditure and correspondence – however the dates spanned by these records are somewhat sporadic. Includes records of banknotes issued by the Vingtaine during the 19th Century to raise funds, 1851 - 1975 (predominantly 1851 - 1900) . Includes records of property contracts involving the Vingtaine. Copies of contracts spanning the dates 1685 - 1995 are included but the records themselves seem to have originally been created in the late 19th or early 20th century. Includes records of the Procureurs’ correspondence, first in the form of letter books and later as files, 1805 - 2001.


Vingtaine de la Ville de St Helier


Vingtaine De La Ville


English, with earlier records in French.

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: Communauté de la Vingtaine de la Ville de St Helier

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