Research by Robin Cox includes; postcards of St Helier's Parish Church, St Helier Harbour, People's Park, view of St Helier from Fort Regent, Havre des Pas, Town Precinct, St Helier, Elizabeth Castle, The Dicq, Parade Gardens,La Collette and the Don Memorial Statue. Photographs of All Saint's Church St Helier in the late 1880s, houses in St Helier, Boots, Barclays Bank and Halkett Place. 'Around & About in Jersey' cards which came in packs of selecvted Virginia cigarettes includes pictures of the weighbridge, Vinchelez de Bas Manor, Samares Manor, La Hougue Bie, Trinity Manor, Rozel Manor, The Railway Walk, Bouley Bay, Noirmont Point, Bonne Nuit Bay and Harbour, the Royal Square, Jersey Cottage, ruins of Grosnez Castle, Victoria College, Portelet Bay, La Collette and Havre-des-Pas, Howard Davis Park, Archirondel, Vinchelez de Haut Manor, Mont Orgueil and the Airport. Also includes a Programme for the Fete at Elizabeth Castle July 20th to 24 July 1920, two christmas cards produced by the Societe Jersiaise, drawings of St Aubin's Bay and the Royal Square, photocopied map showing Cueillette de Leoville, newspaper cutting describing the cortege for Lelia Syvret dated 5th June 1997, photocopied newspaper cuttings from the year 1933, copy of an ordnance survey map of Jersey, copy of the 'Jersey Consumer Council' magazine dated May 1997, copy of the Jersey Morning News dated 9th December 1946,




1800 - 1997


Cox, Robin
Jersey Morning News
Jersey Consumer Council
Syvret, Lelia
Barclays Bank
Société Jersiaise


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