Research notes by Robin Cox includes; Centenier's photographs dated 1914 which includes Herbert Laurens, Christopher Robson, Frederick Phillips, Jean Nicolas, Eugine Mathieu, Emile Hamon and Emile Herbert. Also includes the Railway diaries of the years 1912-1919 which contains; newspaper cuttings relating to the Titanic, newspaper cuttings relating to the first plane to arrive in Jersey, photocopied pages of Buses Illustrated magazine dated October/December 1955, copy of a document from the J Stone & Company about new patent Electric light system for Railway Carriages, photocopies of newspaper articles on the subject of a railway accident a Corbiere, photocopied pictures of a court visit to Ronez Quarries, postcard showing Jersey Horse Shoe Quarry, copy of Actes des Etats a highway act dated August 1914, newspaper article about the 1st Battalion of the Devon Regiment marching down to Victoria pier to leave for War in August 1914, chapter of a book on the subject of a German Prisoners of War camp in Jersey at Blanches Banques during the First World War, photocopy of newspaper articles on the subject of funerals for German prisoners of war at Blanches Banques, information about the first ambulance car Jersey




1912 - 1955


Cox, Robin
Laurens, Herbert
Robson, Christopher
Philips, Frederick
Nicolas, Jean
Mathieu, Eugine
Hamon, Emile Hippolyte
Herbert, Emile


research | Railways | Buses | Planes | ambulances | First World War | Prisoners of war | Victoria Pier | Corbière | Ronez Quarry | Horse Shoe Quarry | Blanches Banques


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