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First Tower School Admission Register [Admission between 05/01/1903-01/05/1914] This register has been indexed by the name of the pupil. Please consult PDF of register for entry details

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January 5th 1903 - May 15th 1924


First Tower School
Adams, Percy William
Ahier, Abram Philip
Ahier, Louise Maud
Alexander, Stanley
Amiot, Gladys M J
Amiot, Harold M C
Amiot, Olive A D
Anstee, Laurence William Leonard
Anstee, Phyllis
Arthur, Helier
Auffret, Francine Léotine
Bailey, Dorothy Mary
Bailey, Dulcie Edith
Baker, Archibald John
Baker, Lilian Maud
Baker, Stanley Alfred
Baloche, Angèle H
Banks, Claude
Barette, John Francis
Barette, Stanley
Barnes, Frank Devonport
Barter, John
Barter, Arthur Sydney
Barter, Ethel Sarah
Bateman, Clarence
Battrick, Adolphus
Battrick, Alice
Battrick, Annie
Battrick, Beatrice
Battrick, Charles
Battrick, Dolly
Battrick, Edith May
Battrick, Elsie Violet
Battrick, Frederick Alfred
Battrick, Georgina May
Battrick, Gladys
Battrick, Harry
Battrick, Henrietta
Battrick, Josephine Alice
Battrick, Percy
Battrick, Richard
Battrick, Thomas
Battrick, Thomas John
Battrick, Walter
Battrick, William
Bauche, May Gruchy
Baudains, Agnes May
Baudains, Albert Edward
Baudains, Elsie Cecilia
Baudains, Eva M
Baudains, Florence Mary
Baudains, George
Baudains, Harold
Baudains, Hilda Annie
Baudains, Percy Elias
Baudains, Phyllis Elvina
Baudains, Reginald William
Baudains, Stanley
Bazille, Jean Louis
Beckford, Dorothy Louisa
Beckford, Herbert Arthur
Becquet, Edward
Becquet, Francis
Bénard, Jean Auguste
Bénard, Joseph
Benest, Florence Eliza Amelia
Bennett, Bernard
Bennett, Lionel
Besnard, Madeline
Beuzeval, Harold Ernest
Beuzeval, Henry
Bewhay, Edwin
Bewhay, William
Bidan, Lucienne J G
Biles, Charles
Biles, Elsie Margaret
Biles, Harry William
Biller, Marie Louise
Birchard, James
Bird, Charles B
Bird, Edward Brasford
Bisson, Hilda May
Bisson, Linda
Blackburn, Richard
Blandamour, Robert
Blandamour, Robert John
Borny, Garnet
Boscher, Olga
Boudin, Philip Alfred
Bougeard, Edith Rachel
Bougeard, Jérémie Augustus
Boullier, Louisa
Bown, Fanny
Brochen, Francis
Brochen, Jean
Brown, Vera Maud
Brück, Gladys Esther Louise
Bullen, Doris Florence
Bullen, Gladys
Bullen, Marie Kathleen
Burch, Alfred Charles
Burch, Grace May
Burston, Edith M
Burt, Clarence
Burt, Sarah
Burt, William Henry
Cameron, Olive
Cameron, Olive B L
Carr, Elsie Milner
Carré, Alice Maud M
Carré, Thomas
Carré, Thomas Francis
Champion, Madeline
Champion, Reginald
Champion, Arthur Edward
Champion, Cyril Charles
Champion, Reginald
Champion, William
Clinckmaillie, Ernestine J
Coffey, Florence Kathleen
Coffey, Frederick Follain
Coffey, Frederick Patrick
Coffey, Louisa Emma
Cole, Alice
Collet, Francoise
Collett, Adaleza Kathleen
Collett, John Francis Herbert
Collins, Walter William
Connell, Amy Kathleen
Connell, Ivy Amelia
Connery, Gladys Mary
Cooper, Clarence Stanley
Cotard, Alice Louisa
Cotard, Florence Rosa
Couillard, Doris
Coutanche, Albert Philip
Coutanche, Alfred Ernest
Coutanche, Charles Stephen
Coutanche, Christine
Coutanche, Elsie May
Coutanche, Lucile Margaret
Coutanche, Robin
Coyen, Blanche Gabrielle
Cracknell, Cyril
Cracknell, Rosie
Cross, Alfred
Culver, Charles John
Culver, Maud May
Darbey, Marjorie
Darbey, Raymond
Darbey, Ulrica E H
Davis, G Cecil
de la Cour, Arthur Dunsford
De La Cour, Clarence
de la Cour, Edward Philip
De La Cour, Gladys Ada
de la Cour, Hilda Jane
de la Cour, Jane Maud
de La Cour, Percy
de la Cour, Reginald Elias
De La Cour, Violet
de la Cour, Walter Francis
de la Cour, Wilfred
de la Mare, Clarence
de la Mare, Clarence William
de la Mare, Dorothy Doris
de la Mare, Maud Evelyn
de la Mare, Stanley Sydney
De La Perrelle, Edwin Clarence
de la Rue, Auguste Paul
de la Rue, Blanche
de la Rue, Ernest
de la Rue, Louise
de la Rue, Lucienne M Eugénie
de Quetteville, Daisy Mary
de Quetteville, Laura Mary
de Quetteville, Philip Sydney
de Ste Croix , Ivy May
De Ste Croix, Clarice Maud
de Ste Croix, Edith Mary Ann
de Ste Croix, Gladys May
de Ste Croix, Ina
de Ste Croix, Mabel Louisa
de Ste Croix, Wilfred
Dellar, Elsie
Dellar, Grace
Dellar, Vera
Demoy, Azeline Marie
Demoy, Marie
Deslandes, Joseph Joshua
Deslandes, George William Philip
Deslandes, Laura May
Deslandes, Nellie
Dickinson, Dorothy
Dickinson, Stanley
Dorey, Elsie May
Drouyn, Edith Maud
Drouyn, Frank
Du Feu, Adele
du Feu, Alma
du Feu, Annie
du Feu, Cyril
du Feu, Edward
du Feu, Edward Syvret
du Feu, Henry
du Feu, Kathleen
du Feu, Lilian
du Feu, Martha Maud
du Feu, Maud Elizabeth
du Feu, Maude
du Feu, Philip
du Feu, Phyllis
du Feu, Rita
du Mosch, Violet
du Val, Elsie May
du Val, Lilian Maud
Du Val, Walter Francis
Dupré, Ruby
Dutot, Francis John
Dutot, Louis Charles
Dutot, Marie Azeline P
Duvey, Archibald Francis
Duvey, Elsie Mabel
Duvey, Gladwin Harry
Duvey, Herbert Stanley
Eastwick, Elsie Augustine B
Elliott, Beatrice Alice
Elliott, Lydia Mary
Elliott, Reginald
Ellis, William Philip
Falle, Alice Frances
Farley, Francis William
Farley, James Edward
Farr, Hilda
Farr, Wilfred
Filleul, Edith Una
Filleul, Reginald Winter
Fitzgerald, Doris Irene
Fitzgerald, Ethel Maud
Fitzgerald, Gladys
Foster, Elsie
Foster, Grace Edith
Foubert, Noemi
Frampton, Dorothy
Frampton, Harold Charles
Frampton, Trignall George
Freeman, Elsie Maud
Freeman, Gertrude Maria
Freeman, Herbert Albert
Gagnet, Albertine M
Gagnet, Lucy
Garnier, Catherine J M
Garnier, Clarence John
Garnier, Doris
Garnier, Edith Maud
Garnier, Eunice Emma
Garnier, Harold Frederick
Garnier, Herbert
Garnier, Jean B M
Garnier, Lilian Brenda
Garnier, Louis
Garnier, Marie
Garnier, Olive May
Garnier, Walter
Gasnier, Clifford
Gasnier, Florence
Gasnier, Lilian
Gasnier, Peter
Gaudinière, Henri
Gaudinière, Léon
Gaudinière, Léontine
Gibault, Edmund Philip
Gibault, Lilian Annie
Gibaut, Gladys Maud
Gibaut, Herbert Snowdon
Gibaut, Herbert Snowdon
Gibaut, Margaret Phyllis
Gillard, Alice
Gillard, Annie
Gillard, Edith
Gillard, Elsie
Gillard, Eunice
Gillard, Francis
Gillard, George
Gillard, Helene
Gillard, Philip
Godel, Elie Francis
Goubert, Blanche
Goubert, Elizabeth
Goubert, Emma
Goubert, Theophile
Goubert, Wilfred
Goutée, Blanche Mabel
Goutée, Henri
Goutée, Marie
Green, Dorothy Mary
Green, Evelyn
Green, Ivy Winifred
Green, Louise May
Green, Margaretta
Green, Ruth
Green, Violet Hetty
Griffin, Alfred John
Griffin, Annie Nora
Griffin, Charles
Guillou, Thèrése
Halls, Arthur William
Halls, Sydney James
Halls, Walter Henry
Hamon, Daniel
Hamon, Alfred
Hamon, Elsie de Gruchy
Hamon, Florence Louisa
Hamon, Ida Mary Jane
Hamon, John de Ste Croix
Hamon, Sidney Alfred
Hélie, Alice
Hélie, Edith Agnes
Helie, Edward Peter
Hélie, Elsie
Helie, Sydney Blampied
Hélouin, Isidore R H
Hélouin, Isidore Réné H
Hélouin, Marie Rose
Henderson, George
Henry, John Philip
Hernot, Joseph
Hervé, Alfred Joseph
Hervé, Blanche
Hine, Marcus Bromfield
Hine, Arthur Bromfield
Hine, Grace De Ste Croix
Hine, John de Gruchy
Hine, Marcus Bromfield
Hine, Mildred P V
Hine, Mildred Paine Valpy
Hine, Muriel Broomfield
Hine, Nesta Paine
Hoar, John William
Horel, Georgette Jeanne
Horel, Robert Eugène
Horsfall, Edith Mary
Hutchings, Alfred William
Hutchings, Eliza Elizabeth
Hutchings, Philip Francis
Ilett, Bertha
Ilett, Dora
Ilett, Edmund George
Jarnet, Clarence Edward
Jarnet, Clifford Charles
Jarnet, Francis Charles
Jarnet, Olive G
Jarnet, William Edward
Jeffroy, François
Jeffroy, Henriette
Jennings, Ralph Charles
Jennings, Wilfred John
Johnson, Hilda
Jones, Ian Ivor
Jones, Alexander
Jones, Ronald
Journeaux, Arthur John
Journeaux, Charles William
Journeaux, Gladys L
Journeaux, Linda Maud
Journeaux, Raymond
Journeaux, Stanley Francis
Journeaux, Vera Bevan
Journeaux, William James
Keep, Charles Rowland
Keeping, Charles D
Keeping, Irène Ivy
Labou, Dora Théo
Landick, Charles Le Brocq
Landick, Frank William
Landick, Frank
Landick, Gladys
Laurens, Albert
Laurens, Alfred Rene
Laurens, Alphonse
Laurens, Kathleen Annie
Laurens, Robert
Lavenant, Yves
Le Blancq, Alfred
Le Blancq, Annie
Le Blancq, Edward
Le Blancq, Henry Charles
Le Blancq, Ivy
Le Boutillier, Edith Emily
Le Boutillier, Georgina
Le Boutillier, Stanley Joseph D
Le Boutillier, Winter
Le Boydre, Hilda Louisa
Le Boydre, Louis Philip
Le Boydre, Philip Louis
Le Brocq, Arthur Gaudin
Le Brocq, Hilda Alice
Le Cornec, Lawrence
Le Cornu, Alice Collas
Le Corre, Joseph
Le Corre, Louise
Le Fèvre, Eugène Charles
Le Flem, Jean M
Le Goëz, Théotime
Le Grand, Christiane
Le Grand, Nobert
Le Grand, Wenceslas
Le Gresley, Elsie Louise
Le Huquet, Elfrida K O
Le Lanchan, John Herbert
Le Lanchon, Henriette Rénée
Le Lion, Alice Lucy
Le Lion, Blanche
Le Lion, Frank John
Le Lion, George Louis
Le Lion, Gladys May
Le Lion, Lilian Maud
Le Maistre, Adolphus
Le Marquand, Arthur
Le Marquand, Dorothy
Le Marquand, Eric Alfred
Le Marquand, Francis
Le Marquand, Lily
Le Marquand, Mabel
Le Marquand, Percy
Le Marquand, Stanley
Le Marquand, William George
Le Masurier, Adolphus Charles Edward
Le Masurier, Edith May
Le Masurier, Henry William
Le Masurier, Philip
Le Masurier, Voilet Mary
Le Mercier, Archibald
Le Mercier, Wilfred
Le Pennec, Aimée
Le Pennec, Alline
Le Rossignol, Ethel May
Le Sconff, Ives
Le Sueur, Arthur
Le Sueur, Arthur H B
Le Sueur, Evelyn Maud
Le Sueur, Harold Charles
Le Sueur, Reginald George
Le Sueur, Ruby Letitia
Le Sueur, Sydney
Le Tourneur, Arthur William
Lees, Edward John
Lees, Jane Elizabeth
Lees, Sarah Ann
Lees, William Henry
Leigh, Digby
Leigh, Elfreda
Leigh, Oonah Kathleen
Leigh, Tryphora Mary
Lerat, Alfred Yves
Lerat, Jane Mary
Lerat, Lily Eulalie
Lerat, Sidonie
Lesbirel, Arthur William
Lesbirel, Thomas
Lewis, Eva May
Liot, Edith
Liot, Esther M
Liot, Gladys
Liot, Mary
Longstreeth, Geoffrey
Louis, Angèle M A
Louis, Emile Desiré
Lucas, Adeline May
Lucas, Alice Maud
Lucas, François Joseph
Mahieu, John Francis
Mahieu, Mildred Florence
Maigat, Jean François
Maigat, Paul Marcel
Male, Evelyn Mary
Male, Frederick Edward
Male, George Francis F
Male, Hannah Phyllis
Male, Marjorie Sophie
Mallet, Ivy
Mallet, Leonard
Mallet, Leonard Henry
Malzard, Francis Philip
Marett, Alice
Marett, Ernest
Marett, Evelyn Alice
Marett, Francis Le M
Marett, Francis Reginald
Marett, Georgina M W
Marett, John Francis Jago
Marie, Blanche Madeleine
Martin, Arthur
Martin, Charles George William
Martin, George Richard
Martin, Harold
Martin, Hilda Susan
Martin, James Henry
Martin, John Vincent
Mauger, Arthur
Mauger, Arthur R
Mauger, Beatrice
Mauger, Charles Clifford
Mauger, Dorothy Janet
Mauger, George H
Millow, Alfred Edward
Millow, Elsie
Millow, Elsie May
Milon, Alfred Francis
Milon, Ernest
Milow, Alfred Edward
Mitton, Jessie
Mitton, Mabel
Moignard, Georgina
Moore, Gladys Irene
Moore, Stanley George
Morin, Albert
Morin, Alfred
Morrison, Phyllis
Morrison, Vera
Mosquet, Lucie
Moyse, George
Moyse, Lilian Maud
Moyse, May Ruby
Moyse, William G
Muspratt, Eric
Muspratt, Iris
Naud, Helene
Newington, Elizabeth Mary
Newington, Ethel Amelia
Newington, Joseph Victor
Newington, Thomas
Newington, William
Newnham, Edgar
Newnham, Herbert
Newnham, Winifred
Nicolle, Janet May
Nicolle, Robert Edward
Norris, Mildred
Odell, George Wilfred
Odell, William Stanley
Oliver, Gaillard
Oliver, George Rey
Oliver, George Rodney
Oliver, Gregory Lines
Olivier, Eliza Jane
Olivier, Francis John
Olivier, John Francis
Olivier, William
Pallot, Mabel
Parantheon, Maurice
Parsons, Walter Ernest
Pascoe, Joseph William
Passmore, John Henry
Passmore, Winifred B M
Patch, Cecil
Patch, Kathleen
Payne, Lily Maud
Penney, Ethel Florence M
Pepin, Alfred Helier
Pepin, Irene
Pepin, Winifred Grace
Phillippe, Marie
Phillips, Ada Jane
Phillips, Clarence
Phillips, Florence
Phillips, Mary Ann
Phillips, Maud Elizabeth
Phillips, Rose
Phillips, William
Pigeon, Ethel Lilian
Pigeon, Francis John
Pigeon, Lilian A
Pigeon, Lilian Annette
Pinel, Arthur George
Pinel, Cecilia Mabel
Pinel, Hilda May
Pitcher, Reginald A
Pitcher, Reginald Arthur
Plévin, Joseph Louis
Podger, Bernard
Poidevin, Edward
Poidevin, John
Polling, Julia Amelia
Porter, Amelia Daisy
Porter, Amy Louisa
Porter, Ethel Elvina
Porter, Frank
Porter, Sydney George
Potigny, Achille
Purkis, Annette
Purkis, Florence Louisa
Purkis, George Thomas
Quenault, William Conington
Quentric, Frank
Queree, Edmund Cyril
Querée, John Henry
Querée, Raymond
Querée, Sydney
Queree, Una Maud
Quilgars, Yves
Rault, Louise
Rault, May Emmeline
Rault, Nellie Florence Ruby
Rault, Olive May
Rault, Pascaline
Read, Vera Mabel
Reed, Cyril
Reed, Frederick Charles
Reed, Sydney Bernard
Reed, William
Rendall, Hilda Gladys
Rendall, Beatrice
Rendall, Eda
Rendall, Florence Edith
Rendall, Mabel
Rendall, Percy James
Rendall, Violet
Rendall, William George
Rendall, Winifred L
Repper, Lilian
Richard, Ella
Richard, Gladys
Richard, Harold
Richard, Mabel
Richard, Raymond
Richard, Stephen
Richard, Wevna Lula
Risbridger, Charles Frederick
Risbridger, Dulcie May
Risbridger, Elvina Celestine
Risbridger, Harold R
Risbridger, Lottie
Risbridger, William George
Robert, Adolphus Francis
Robinson, Herbert Jack
Rolland, Peter
Rondel, Ada Ann
Rondel, Elsie Jane
Rondel, Elvina Le Cornu
Routier, Adèle
Routier, Florence
Rumsey, Archibald Dingle
Rumsey, Frederick Harold
Rumsey, Gladys G L
Sangan, Florence
Sharp, William Edward
Sherry, John Gillard
Sherry, Roy Philip
Smith, Bernard H C
Smith, Edith Margaret
Smith, Edward Thomas
Smith, Henry Gore
Smith, Spencer George Clarke
Soudain, Anna
Soudain, Eunice
Soudain, Lavinia
Soudain, Mary Doris
Spittle, May Constance
Starck, Elsie Maud
Stephens, Angelina Maud
Stephens, Richard C
Stephens, William George
Sueur, Reginald
Suret, Gladys
Tabb, Ada Zélie
Tabb, Charles John Edward
Tabb, Charlotte
Tabb, George
Tabb, Gertrude Maud
Tabb, Hedley
Tabb, William George
Thomas, George
Thomas, Jemmy
Thomas, Maud Ruby
Thomas, May Louise
Thompson, George
Thompson, Ina
Thompson, Kathleen
Thompson, Philip
Touzel, Ada
Touzel, Alice M
Touzel, Beatrice May
Touzel, Dorothy
Touzel, Hilda
Touzel, John
Touzel, Lester
Touzel, Rita
Touzel, Thomas
Turner, Dorathea Grace
Turner, Jane Maud
Turner, Marcella Grace
Turner, Rose M
Turner, Samuel Charles
Turner, Sydney
Turner, Violet
Vasselin, Arthur Francis
Vernon, Margaret
Vibert, Eliza Jane
Vibert, Eva Florence
Vibert, George Philip
Vibert, James
Vibert, John Philip
Vibert, Susanna Violet
Voisin, Adolphus George
Voisin, Alfred John
Voisin, Arthur
Voisin, Emily
Voisin, William
Ward, Richard Dustan
Warren, Arthur Henry
Warren, Charles George
Wavell, Ruby V
Wavell, Ruby Violet
Way, Ellen Margaret
Wellman, Edgar John
Wellman, Stanley Walter
Wells, Iris, née Freeman
West, William Charles
Whelan, Edward John
Whelan, Agnes
Whelan, Catherine Margaret
Whelan, Clarence
Whelan, Edward
Whelan, Edward John
Whelan, Kathleen
Whelan, Nora
Whelan, William Francis
Winderbank, Ernest John
Woodward, Frank


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