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First Tower School Admission Register [Admissions 04/05/1914-11/05/1931]This register has been indexed by the name of the pupil. For entry details please consult PDF

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May 4th 1914 - April 5th 1939


First Tower School
Alexander, Lilian
Alexander, Olwen
Allbon, Frederic
Allbon, Margaret
Allen, Cyril George
Allfrey, Reginald Frederick Talbot
Amy, Cyril
Andrews, Phyllis
Andrews, Rosemary
Andrews, Violet
Andrews, Vernon James Cyril
Armstrong, Mary
Arthur, Gladys
Arthur, Dorothy
Aubert, William Charles
Aubert, Clara E
Audrain, Treverton John
Auffret, Francine Leontine
Auffret, Rosalie
Auffret, Alice
Auffret, Louise
Balston, William Thomas
Balston, Royston
Barette, Lester
Barrett, Rita
Barrett, Ena
Barritt, Winnie
Bartram, Patricia
Bartram, Ivy
Bartram, Gordon
Bastard, Frederick William
Bastard, Yvonne
Battrick, George Frederick
Battrick, George
Baudains, Cyril
Baudains, Stanley
Baudains, Gordon
Beck, Stanley
Becquet, Ivy Loraine
Beddows, Marjorie
Beddows, Winifred
Bedfort, Constance
Bennett, Myrtle
Bennett, Iris
Bennett, Ronald
Bennett, Muriel Yvonne
Bennett, Leonard George William
Bennett, Joyce Lorraine
Bennett, Grace Ellen
Bennett, Maud Charlotte
Bennett, Lionel
Bewhay, Gordon
Biard, Percy
Bignell, Verdun
Bignell, Collyn Ector
Biles, Charles
Biles, Leslie Jack
Bisson, Marie
Bisson, Clarence
Bisson, Stanley
Bisson, Edward Frank
Bisson, William
Bisson, Clement Frank
Bisson, Albert Richard
Blake, Margaret
Bliault, Vera E
Bohea, Elsie
Bohea, Henry William
Bond, Olive
Bond, Dennis Royston
Boschat, Lilian
Boschat, Alice
Boschat, Violet May
Boschat, Louisa Margaret
Boschat, Raymond
Boudin, Reginald
Bougeard, Edith M L
Bougeard, François A
Bougeard, Maurice
Bowden, George Francis Edward
Bowden, George Francis
Bowden, Jack Leslie
Bowden, Dora
Bowerman, Alfred
Bréban, Clara Jenny
Bréban, Albert Emile
Breton, Harold Arthur
Breton, Oswald
Brewer, Clara
Brewer, Gladys Elsie
Brook, Edgar Emile Frederick
Brook, David Hellyer
Brown, Emily Marie
Brown, Madeline
Bryant, Joseph
Burch, Cyril Alfred
Burch, Mildred Phoebe
Burston, Herbert
Burston, Kathleen G M
Burston, Arthur Thomas
Burvingt, Clemence
Cadin, Marcelle A
Cadin, Guillaume
Carter, Harold
Carvenec, Peter E G
Carvenec, Rodney F
Cauvain, Frank
Cauvain, Stanley
Cauvain, Frederick
Cauvain, William
Champion, Beryl Lilian Janet
Channing, Ronald
Channing, Myrtle Louisa
Channing, Leslie John
Channing, Myrtle Grace
Chapman, Heather Jean Patricia
Chapman, Heather
Chapman, Thelma E V
Clark, Henry Charles
Clark, Cyril
Clayden, Isolbel
Clayden, Florence
Clayden, Grace
Clayton, Brian
Clayton, George Dennis
Clements, Olive May
Clinkemaillie, Madelaine
Collins, William
Collins, Emily Isabel
Collins, Cyril George
Collins, Henry Giles
Coram, Beatrice Dorothy
Corbet, Kathleen
Corbet, Ernestine
Couilbeau, Marie Françoise
Couilbeau, Marie
Counter, Pearl W J
Courcoux, Elsie
Coutanche, Clarisse
Coutanche, Adele Edna
Coutanche, Philip Albert
Darcel, Aline
Dauny, Amelia
Dauny, Walter
Davey, Violet
Davey, George
Davis, Dorothy
Davis, Betty
de Bourcier, John
de Bourcier, Charles P
de Bourcier, George W
de Gruchy, Florence
de Gruchy, Harold
de Gruchy, Estelle
de Gruchy, Dorothy Ada
de Gruchy, Thomas
De Gruchy, Walter
de Gruchy, Dorothy
de Guelle, John
de la Cour, Cecil
de la Cour, Joan Grace
de la Cour, Joan
de la Haye, Joan
de la Haye, Doris May
de la Haye, Mabel
de la Haye, Vera Mildred
de la Haye, John Arthur
de la Haye, Joan
de la Haye, Elizabeth
De la Haye, Kathleen
De La Haye, Francis
de la Haye, Charles
de la Mare, Robert
de la Mare, Eileen Maud
de la Mare, Winnie Cambrai
de la Mare, Charles William
de la Mare, Ivy
De Launey, Beryl Mavis
de Launey, Blanche M L
Deslandes, Harold
Deslandes, Madeline
Dicker, Gladys M
Drage, Ivy Minnie
Dredge, Violet
Drelaud, Basil John
Driscoll, Philip
Driscoll, Norah
Drouin, Joan Lydia
Drouin, Peter
du Feu, Snowden
Du Feu, Doreen Mary
Du Feu, Roselle Annette
du Feu, Lennard Ernest
du Feu, Margaret
du Pays, Alice
du Pays, Francis
du Pays, Helène
Duchemin, Charles Patrick
Dunn, Kenneth
Dutot, Frank John
Dutot, Denis Harry
Eauzan, Gladys Catherine
Eauzan, Cyril Wallace
Elliott, Walter
Elliott, Lizee
Elliott, Eric Henry
Elliott, Beryl Grace
English, Donald Albert
English, Kenneth
Enright, John Charles
Enright, Evelyn
Eouzan, Alexander Frederick
Eouzan, Iris Marguerite
Eouzan, Alexander
Eouzan, Elsie Joan
Etiemble, Louise
Etiemble, Peter
Fairhurst, Margaret
Falle, Raymond George
Falle, Dora may
Falle, Alfred Philip
Falle, Wilfred Ernest
Falle, Marjorie Louisa
Falle, Herbert Francis
Falle, James Philip
Falle, Dulcie Ann
Farley, George
Fielding, Lena
Fielding, Doris
Fiske, Harold
Fiske, Clifford
Fox, Basel Stanley
Fox, Maurice Stanley
Freeman, Wilfred
Freeman, Albert
Freeman, Donald
Freeman, Ernest
Gale, Gordon
Gale, Florence
Gale, Collin
Gale, John
Gallichan, Josephine
Garnier, Francis
Geary, Cecil Leonard
Geary, Reginald Stanley
Geary, Derrick Verdun
Geary, John George
Geary, Doris J
Geast, Edmund
Gibaut, Kathleen
Gillard, Clarence
Gillard, John
Gillard, Elsie
Gillard, Francis
Gilley, Grace Maud
Godbolt, Herbert
Godbolt, Beryl
Goldbolt, Beryl
Goldsmith, James Henry
Goldsmith, Lilian Maud
Goldsmith, Bertrand George
Goldsmith, Harold A
Goldsmith, George R
Goldsmith, Ivy Helen
Goldsmith, Gladys
Goldsmith, Beryl
Goldsmith, Francis Richard
Goldsmith, Olive W
Goldsmith, Roland
Gorin, Yoland
Gorvel, Jeanne Marie
Gorvel, Simone Maria
Gotel, Francis
Gotel, Margaret
Gould, Douglas Helier
Grandin, Frank
Green, Florence Eleanor
Green, Edward Henry
Greetham, Ethel
Guillou, Doris Elsie
Guillou, Vera M
Hacquoil, Medilia
Haines, Charles John
Hall, Fréderick
Hamon, Nellie
Hamon, Gladys
Hamon, William
Harris, Joyce Margarite
Harris, Percy Crichton
Harrop, Joan Maisie
Hassey, Stanley David
Hassey, Amelia
Hassey, Dora
Hassey, Richard
Heathorn, Joan Kathleen
Heathorn, Gerald
Henry, Joyce
Hervé, Gladys Rose
Hibbs, Joe Charles Bower
Hibbs, Reginald Charles
Hibbs, Clement
Hibbs, Edwin
Hibbs, Donald
Hibbs, Hilda
Higgins, Doris Joan
Hillion, Henry
Hillion, Hedley
Hillion, Albert
Hilton, Rose
Hodgetts, Douglas
Holmes, George Charles
Honeycomb, Cyril George
Honeycombe, Kathlyn Maud
Honeycombe, Inness J
Honeycombe, Kathleen
Honeycombe, Inness
Honeycombe, Cyril
Hooper, Donald D
Hopkins, Gertrude
Hopkins, Phyllis
Hopkins, Rita
Horton, John Foch J H
Huelin, Eric
Huelin, Olive Philip
Huet, Mildred
Huet, Frances
Hunt, Holman Stuart
Hunt, Tryphena Marion
Hunt, Kathleen Gertrude
Hunt, Desmond
Illien, John Henry
Illien, Raymond Claude
Isherwood, Dorothy C
Jackson, Ronald Ernest
Jarnet, Eustace Desmond
Jarnet, Mavis Clare
Jarnet, Dorothea Rose
Jarnet, Brenda
Jeandron, Royston
Jeandron, Maisie Phyllis
Jenner, Carmalia
Jeune, Ruby
Jones, Bernard James
Jones, Pearl Doreen
Jones, Olive
Jordan, Cyril Edward
Jordan, Constance
Jordan, Vera Beatrice
Jouanne, Elsie
Jouanny, Louise Marie
Journeaux, Joyce May
Journeaux, Bevan
Kean, James
Kean, Scott
Kean, Ronald
Keeping, John Archibald
Keeping, Ivy Minnie
Kelly, Jacquelene
Kelly, George John
Knee, Florence Maud
Knee, Violet Laura
Laffoley, Winifred Ivy
Laffoley, Grace Hilda
Laffoley, Donald Charles
Laignel, Kathleen
Laignel, Frederick
Laignel, Henry John
Lainé, Florence Annie
L'Amy, Gladys Phyllis
L'Amy, Louis Paul
Landick, Doreen
Landick, Kenneth
Landick, Winnifred D
Lane, Ronald
Langeard, Gladys Violet
Langeard, Walter John
Langeard, Elsie Maud
Langford, Samuel
Langham, William George
Laurens, René Alfred
Laurens, Cecile
Le Blancq, Ivy
Le Blancq, Reginald C
Le Blancq, Marjorie Louise
Le Blancq, Royston Geoffrey
Le Boutillier, Ethel
Le Boutillier, Olive
Le Breton, Lynda Mabel
Le Breton, Guy Samuel
Le Breton, Archibald
Le Breuilly, Leon
Le Brocq, Edwina Gwen
Le Brocq, Bernard Charles
Le Brocq, Edwins
Le Brocq, Bernard
Le Brun, Gordon James
Le Brun, Arthur
Le Calvez, Maurice
Le Cornec, Edward
Le Cornu, Charles John
Le Cornu, Florence Maud
Le Cornu, Gertrude Gladys
Le Cornu, Christine
Le Cornu, Margaret
Le Corre, Peter Francis
Le Corre, Violet Maud
Le Corre, Phyllis Selina
Le Couturier, Eugene
Le Couturier, Desirée
Le Couturier, Ernest
Le Fevre, Elsie Maud
Le Flem, John
Le Floch, Jane
Le Flock, Cyril
Le Forestier, Marcelle
Le Gros, Kenneth
Le Gros, Donald
Le Guilcher, Alfred
Le Guilcher, Joseph
Le Guilcher, Margaret
Le Guilcher, André François
Le Huquet, Edward
Le Lère, Francis Philip
Le Louet, Angele Freda
Le Louet, Maud Charlotte
Le Luet, Jules
Le Maistre, Shelia
Le Maistre, Winifred
Le Maistre, Cyril John
Le Maistre, Sheila
Le Maistre, Sheila May
Le Marquand, Ernest
Le Marquand, Kathleen
Le Marquand, Ada Beryl
Le Marquand, Rita Elsie
Le Marquand, May
Le Marquand, Phyllis
Le Masurier, Emily
Le Masurier, Henry
Le Masurier, Phyllis E
Le Masurier, Hilda
Le Masurier, Ethel May
Le Mercier, Rita May
Le Mercier, Elsie
Le Moal, Lucille
Le Moignan, Desmond
Le Moine, Victor
Le Monnier, Verdun
Le Monnier, Monica
Le Monnier, Mavis
Le Querec, Elsie Ada
Le Quesne, Hubert Leslie
Le Riche, John Philip
Le Riche, Lewis John
Le Riche, Emile
Le Riche, Francis
Le Riche, Wilfred
Le Riche, Enid Marie
Le Rossignol, Clarence
Le Rossignol, John Crill
Le Roux, Alfred
Le Sueur, Violet
Le Sueur, Stanley
Le Sueur, Archie
Le Sueur, Kenneth
Le Sueur, Ivy Eileen
Le Sueur, George
Le Tourdu, Anne Marie
Le Tourdu, Martilde F
Le Vannais, Hilda
Le Vannais, Remy
Le Vannais, Raymond
Le Vesconte, Arthur George
Leaman, Charles Wesley B
Lees, John Edward
Lees, Nora
Les Vesconte, Stanley John
Lesbirel, Gladys M M
Levée, Doris
Liot, Alfred
Liot, Henry William
Liot, Dennis George
Longhurst, George
Longhurst, Freda
Lowe, Belinda
Lozach, Gladys
Lozach, Margaret
Lozach, Doris
Lozach, Therese A
Lozach, François T V
Lozach, Yvonne
Lozach, François
Lozach, Olga
Lozach, Raymond
Macon, Gladys
Mahé, Doris Florence
Mahé, Blanche Margaret
Mahieu, Jane Alice
Maigat, Marcel
Maigat, Margaret J
Male, Charles David
Mallett, Leonard Headley
Marett, Alice
Marett, Wilfred
Marett, William
Marett, V Winfred
Marett, Ernest Vivian
Marett, Cecily
Marett, Kenneth Herbert
Marie, Percy
Martin, John Foch J H
Martin, Thomas Philip
Martin, Dorothy
Matthews, Henry
Matthews, Evelyn Edith
Matthews, Eileen
Mauger, Marjorie
Mauger, Daisy Eunice
Mauger, William
Mauger, Percival Francis
Mauritz, Colette
Medder, Sheila
Medder, |Olga
Medder, Katherine C
Medder, George Charles
Medder, Monica
Medder, Raymond C
Medland, Reginald Charles
Meheust, Frank
Mercier, Gladys Maud
Metayers, Jessie
Metayers, Lily
Milon, Arthur Louis
Moignan, Beryl
Moignard, Mabel
Moignard, Edith Florence
Moignard, Jessica
Moignard, John Henry
Moisan, William
Moisan, Ethel
Moisan, Ellen
Moisan, Francis Alfred
Moisan, Alfred Francis
Morse, Catherine
Moseley, John
Moseley, Frank
Moseley, Dorothy Laura
Moseley, Loris
Mosquet, Marcel
Mudd, Doreen
New, Alban
Newington, Olga Beryl
Newington, Paul Le Maigat
Noel, William John
Noel, Edward Arthur
Nordbruch, Conrad Wilhelm
O'Brien, Kenneth
Ollierou, Stella
Olliérou, Lucille
Olliérou, Adèle
Olliérou, Albert
Olliérou, Bernard
Ottewell, Albert D
Ozard, Bernard
Paddock, Henry Edward
Paice, Charles
Paice, Frances
Pallot, Joyce Mavis
Pallot, Agnes Madeleine
Pallot, Agnes
Palmer, William
Palomo, Henry
Parantheon, Marie D
Parantheon, Marie
Paranthoen, Maurice
Pascoe, Phyllis Ellen
Patch, Gladys
Patch, Winnie
Pegler, Alice Clara
Perchard, Herbert Hedley
Perchard, Richard George
Perrée, Ida May
Philippe, Pierre Matharin
Phillips, Jane
Phillips, Donald
Phillips, Cyril
Pichon, Alfred
Pinel, Mabel
Pinel, Grace
Pinel, Irene
Pinel, Raymond
Pinel, Arthur John
Pinel, Beryl Maud
Pinel, Phyllis Elizabeth
Poingdestre, Mavis
Potier, Philip Lawrence
Potier, Cyril Ernest Lancelot
Potier, Henry Martin
Potier, Kenneth Philip
Potigny, Raymond
Potigny, Yvonne Louise Marie
Proper, Edna Jane
Proper, Winter
Purdy, Lilian Maud
Querée, Evelyn Clarice
Querée, Olive
Querée, Adéle W
Queree, Grace Mavis
Queree, Hilda Doreen
Querée, Daisy Esther
Queree, Cyril Henry
Queree, Margaret Mary
Querée, Noeline Audrey
Querée, May
Querée, Alfreda
Quesnel, Gladys Dicker
Quintaine, Donald
Rabasté, Charles
Rabet, Beatrice
Rault, Peter Maurice
Rault, Cecile S
Ray, Hazel
Rendall, Eda
Rendall, Clarence
Rendall, Frederick
Renouf, Hedley George
Renouf, Leonard Stanley
Renouf, Gordon Stanley
Renouf, Donald Arthur
Renouf, Roselle
Rice, Dulcie E
Rice, Herbert E
Rimeur, Violet
Rimeur, Rose G
Robins, Arthur Herbert
Robins, Ethel Winifred
Robins, Mary Kathleen Elizabeth
Rolland, Florence
Romeril, Bernard
Romeril, Winifred
Ruimeur, Margaret
Ryan, Winifred Katie
Ryan, Hilda Doreen
Sangan, Stanley Isidore
Sangan, Cyril
Sangan, Rosie
Saunders, Gladys
Saunders, Winifred
Saunders, Winifred E A
Scott, Walter Dennis
Scott, Elsie Mabel
Scott, Douglas
Sherry, Richard Gillard
Simon, Raphael
Slee, George
Slee, Sidney
Sloman, William
Sloman, Henry
Smith, Linda
Smith, Richard
Smith, Gladys
Smith, Marguerite
Smith, Douglas
Snowball, Maggie Belinda
Soudain, William
Soudain, Violet Ellen
Soudain, Irwin James
Soudain, Chorlton George
Soudain, Arnold John
Soudain, Clifford James
Soudain, Raymond
Soudain, Colin George
Soudain, Ralph
Soudain, Beryl Grace
Soudain, Iris Mabel
Southwood, Howard
Soyer, Dorothy Mary
Statham, Gordon
Steel, Enid
Stephen, Naomi
Stephens, Richard Charles
Stephens, George Philip
Steven, Naomi
Steven, Jessie
Sunier, Peter Henry Edward
Syborn, Alfred James Lawrence
Syborn, Grace Joan
Syvret, Harriet Ellen
Syvret, Edward
Syvret, Francis
Tabb, Eric
Tabb, Kathleen May
Tagg, George Healey
Tardival, Francis John
Tardival, Alfred Francis
Tardival, John Ernest
Tardivel, Elsie Emma
Tardivel, Edward Philip
Thébault, Lea
Thomas, Renée
Thomas, Louise
Tostevin, Amanda
Touzel, Thomas
Touzel, Gladys
Touzel, Mary
Touzel, Gordon
Touzel, Clara
Touzel, Marjorie Adele
Touzel, Jane Esther
Touzel, Amy Edith
Touzel, Gordon Nelson
Touzel, Phyllis
Touzel, Rosanna Martha
Touzel, Amy
Toy, Constance Mary
Toy, Royston George
Toy, Francesca
Toy, Muriel
Tucker, Howard
Turner, Matilda
Turner, Francis G
Turner, Charles Alfred William
Turner, Joseph George
Turner, Ethel Florence
Turner, Harold G
Vandervliet, Albertus
Vandervliet, Gertrude
Vasse, Philip Adrian
Vasse, Violet
Vautier, Hilda May
Vautier, John Prouings
Vautier, Doris Dumaresq
Vautier, Walter
Veler, Frank
Veler, Florentine
Vibert, Ada Maud
Vibert, Ivy
Vibert, Gordon William
Vibert, Bessie
Vibert, John Charles
Villain, Alfred Ernest
Villain, Joyce Mary
Villain, Henry Stanley
Villette, Douglas
Villette, Donald
Voisin, Sydney
Voisin, Francis Stewart
Voisin, Ronald George
Wallis, Joyce
Walters, Alice
Warren, Mabel
Warren, William George
Watts, Alfred James
Watts, Charles Clarence
Watts, Stanley
Wavell, Frederick
Wavell, Phyllis
Wavell, Doreen
Weeks, Jose Eileen
West, Cyril
Whelan, Edward
Whelan, Nora
Whelan, Cyril Bernard
Whelan, Eileen Melvin
Whelan, Margaret Irene
Wightman, William Horace
Wightman, Vera H
Wilkins, Ronald
Williams, George
Willows, Henry Royston
Wilson, Reginald


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