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St Saviour's School Log Book.This volume records the daily events at the school and has been indexed by name of the person mentioned. The index created by volunteers has been attached as a PDF so that you can see the page numbers the person is mentioned on. The volume has not been digitised to date so you will need to contact the Archive to obtain copies of the relevant pages.

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November 17th 1890 - October 31st 1906


St Saviour's School
Abadie, Major General
Abadie, Mrs
Adams, Nellie
Amy, Miss
Anstee, Lawrence
Archard, T
Ashridge, Leonard
Aubril, Mr
Averly, R
Baker, George
Ball, Edward
Ballein, Miss
Balleine, F H
Batho, W
Baudins, Melrose
Becker, W
Becker, P
Besson, G
Billot, Blanche
Birch, E J H
Bisson, G
Bisson, Miss
Bisson, G A
Bisson, F
Bisson, Georgina
Bisson, J
Bois, Mr
Bois, F J
Bonnemer, Isabelle
Bonnemer, Eugenie
Bonnesness, Miss
Bourgeois, Robert
Brashaw, A
Brewer, J E
Briard, Clarence M, Judge
Briard, F M
Briard, Mrs
Brock, H Walter
Buesnel, Rose
Burrows, Edward H
Burt, Miss
Burt, E J H
Burt, Emma
Bush, S
Arthur Pearson Limited
Cabot, Clara
Cabot, Lucy
Cabot, Philip
Cabot, Sidney
Cabot, Elias
Cauvin, John
Champion, Clarence
Chevalier, Eugene
Chevalier, Family
Colligny, Frank
Colligny, Mary
Compton, W
Cooke, P V
Corbins, Family
Coutanche, Ada
Cowley, Miss
Cowley, Mrs
Cowley, L
Dauby, J W
David, Emma
Day, A
Day, Arthur
de Faye, Edward
de Gruchy, Lilian
de Jersey, Cliffordina
de la Haye, George
de St Paer, Louise J
Donovan, D
du Val, Clara S
Dufficy, Mary
Dustin, Miss
Dyer, Annie
Eley, E
England, G
Ereaut, J J, Constable
Evan, Thomas
Even, John
Ewart, Mrs
Ewart, Mr
Gautier, A
Gill, Mr
Gillard, Mr
Gilmore, Albert
Gilmore, Grace
Godel, Francis
Godfray, M
Godfray, Robert
Gray, G
Green, Virginia
Green, Blanche
Green, George
Green, Alfred
Gruchy, Lydia
Guiton, Blanche
Guzon, Gaston
Hamon, Albert
Hamon, Mrs
Hamon, John
Hamon, Lydia
Harding, Eugenie
Harrison, Mr
Harvey, Florence
Henderson, William
Higginson, Doctor
Higginson, Miss
Hilton, Miss
Honeycombe, Ethel
Honeycombe, Mrs
Honeycombe, Frank
Hopton, Miss
Horton, Henry
Hotton, Mr
Houilbecq, Celia
Houtin, Josephine
Houtiu, Victor
Huelin, Miss
Huelin, Louisa A
Humber, Emily C
Hunt, Mr
Hutchings, Alf
Hutchings, Phillis
Hutchings, Hilda
Hutchings, John
Jarrett, Esther
Jeune, Mr
Jeune, George
John, J
Johnston, Miss
Jordan, Ernest
Jordan, Willie
Kempster, Sergeant Major
King, Ida
La Sauce, Lilian
Laine, Mrs
Laine, Yves
L'Amy, J
Langford, Joshua
Langford, Fanny
Langlois, Jacques
Laurens, Lilian
Laurens, John
Laurens, R
Le Boutillier, Mr
Le Brun, Lena
Le Brun, Florence
Le Brun, Blanche
Le Caplic, Theophilus
Le Cornu, A
Le Cotillard, Henry
Le Cotillard, Florence
Le Cotillard, Mrs
Le Couteur, Maud
Le Duc, Francois
Le Feuvre, E, Reverend
Le Feuvre, Mr
Le Francois, Ethel
Le Gros, S
Le Lievre, Albert
Le Maistre, May
Le Masurier, Mr
Le Masurier, Lydia
Le Meur, Alfred
Le Miere, Matilda
Le Miere, Matilda
Le Montais, Miss
Le Plongeon
Le Potier, Ernest
Le Quesne, Miss
Le Rendu, Ernest
Le Sauvage, A P
Le Seelleur, Helena
Le Suelleur, E
Leatham, Colonel
Leece, Edouard
Leluan, Sidney
Livesey, Eunice
Long, Ruby
Louis, Leonie
Lowell, J R
Luce, Edward, Reverend
Luce, Catherine
Luce, G
Mabey, Walter
Mahy, P
Malleinne, J
Marett, R
Marett, Cecily J E
Marett, Reverend
Marett, Miss
Marett, E
Marett, Cecily J E
Marett, Mr
Markham, Miss
Martin, Leopold
Maunoury, Thomas
Medland, J
Merket, R
Michell, Louise
Michell, Gusta
Michell, Maria
Miller, T
Moody, Alice
Moselle, Rose Sarah
Mourant, Lydia
Mourant, George
Novet, Paul
Oakes, Caroline
Ogier, Miss
Ollivier, Maisie
Overton, Mr
Ozard, George
Ozouf, Ethel
Paer, L J
Pallot, Mabel
Pallot, Alf
Pallots, Family
Patterson, William
Patterson, G A
Peake, Edward Copson, Reverend
Perchard, L
Perrodou, Jean
Poingdestre, Family
Poingdestre, Eva
Procter, A A
Quenault, George
Quenault, Laura
Quenault, Louis
Renouf, R
Reyner, A
Robin, Mrs
Seabrooks, Mr
Smith, Beatrice
Springate, Mr
Stokes, Arthur
Stokes, Willie
Stoneley, Daisy
Surcouf, Mr
Taylor, Reverend
Thelland, Miss
Tirel, Mary
Tocque, Mr
Traisnel, Louisa
Trehet, Mr
Trillo, Mr
Troquer, Alice
Tucker, Walter
Tucker, Fred
Tucker, C
Turner, Clara
Turner, W
Varier, Eunice
Vaudin, Mrs
Vautier, Edward
Vernon, W H V, Bailiff
Voisin, Albert J
Warne, Mabel
Warr, Mrs
Wilde, R
Wilde, R, Reverend
Wilde, Mr
Wilde, R
Williams, Reverend
Williams, W,


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