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St John's School Log Book. This volume records the daily events at the school and has been indexed by name of the person mentioned. The index created by volunteers has been attached as a PDF so that you can see the page numbers the person is mentioned on. The volume has not been digitised to date so you will need to contact the Archive to obtain copies of the relevant pages.

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November 26th 1902 - December 23rd 1925


St John's School
Allenet, Alfred
Allenet, Berthe
Allenet, Fernande
Allenet, Joseph
Allenet, Florence
Amy, Rose
Amy, Willie
Amy, George
Amy, F
Amy, Stanley
Amy, Charles
Amy, Reginald
Amy, Elsie
Anley, John C
Archard, T
Arthur, Florence Mabel
Ashford, Joseph
Ashford, C
Attewell, J B
Audrain, L
Audrain, G
Balleine, F E
Balleine, Miss
Barbel, M
Barbel, C
Barbet, Lilian
Barette, John
Barette, Hedley
Barette, E
Barette, Gladys
Baretto, E
Barry, Miss
Bastock, Miss
Battle, L
Baudains, P M
Baudains, Mrs
Baudin, L
Baudin, D
Baudin, F
Beslievre, Eva
Bietal, H
Bisson, Herbert Charles
Bisson, William G
Bisson, Phoebe Eleanor
Bisson, E
Bisson, William
Bisson, Donald
Bisson, Clifford
Boak, L
Boone, Mr
Bouillier, Lilian
Bouillier, Stanley P
Bowden, H
Brake, Louisa
Bretal, Alice
Bretal, Helene
Brideaux, Mr
Brochand, A
Brown, Miss
Bush, S, Inspector
C, Peter
Camelan, Francine
Caurel, John
Caurel, Rene
Caurel, Francis
Ceppi, Marc
Chappuis, Doctor
Cherrill, A H
Chevert, E
Collas, Mildred
Constance, Miss
Cornier, A
Cottilard, L
Coutanche, Lilia
Coutanche, Delphine
Coutanche, E
Coutanche, C
Cox, Edward
Cutland, J F, Headmaster
Dagorne, Stella
Dalton, A
Danby, J W
Daniels, Miss
David, M
David, E
de Carteret, Raymond
de Carteret, Lilian
de Carteret, Gladys
de Caux, Adolphus
de Caux, Eveline/Evelyn
de Caux, Elsie
de Gruchy, Olivia J
de Gruchy, Arthur
de Gruchy, P
de Gruchy, F
de Gruchy, C
de La Haye, Edmund
de la Haye, Henry
de la Haye, Philip
de la Haye, Jane
De La Haye, John
De la Mare, Walter
de La Mare, Edward
Deslandes, Madeline
Deslandes, J
Devaux, E
Dolbel, Philip T
Dolbel, Mabel
Dolbel, Evelyn
Dolbel, Stanley
Doublard, Edward
Duporne, S
Dupre, Mary Jane
Dupre, W
Dupre, E
Duqulain, H
Duqulain, K
Durham, May
Durham, Norah
Durham, Ethel
Edwards, E R
Eloury, Edward
England, Edith
Eude, E
Falla, Herbert, Connetable
Falla, Doctor
Finch, W
Frigot, Linda
Gardner, Eva
Gardner, G
Gasnier, Mr
Gautron, Jules
Gautron, Francis
Gautron, Aline
Gavey, Reginald
Gavey, Joe
Gavey, James
Gavey, Walter H
Gavey, Hilda
Gavey, John
Gavey, H
Gavey, E
Gavey, Hedley
Germain, Mr
Gibaut, Redvers Jas
Gibaut, Amy
Giron, R
Giron, John
Girou, Hilda C
Girou, Edward
Glover, M
Goaziou, Miss
Godfray, Miss
Goode, Nellie
Gordon, Florence
Gordon, F
Gough, Ernestina
Gruchy, W
Gruchy, A
Guegan, Peter
Guegan, J
Guillou, Yves
Hamon, Miss
Hamon, Phyllis
Hamon, Beryl
Harrison, H E
Hedouin, Annie
Hedouin, Alfred
Henri, F L
Henry, John
Henry, F
Henry, Alice
Henry, Emile
Hervieu, L
Hervion, D
Hinault, Ada
Hotton, John
Hotton, Arthur
Hotton, Reginald
Hotton, Gladys
Hotton, F
Huriaux, Mr
Jegu, Hilda
Jesseman, Miss
Johns, W
Johns, Lilian
Johns, Edith
Jones, Miss
Journeaux, A
Kerambrun, John B
Langeard, John
Laurens, P
Le Blond, B
Le Blond, Edward
Le Breton, Lydia
Le Breton, Hilda
Le Breton, Snowden
Le Breton, C
Le Brocq, Doctor
Le Cocq, Mabel
Le Cocq, Elsie
Le Cocq, Mona
Le Cornu, E
Le Cornu, Mr
Le Cornu, Herbert
Le Cornu, Janet
Le Cornu, M
Le Couteur, Florence
Le Couteur, Gladys
Le Crey, M
Le Feuvre, E, Reverend
Le Fevre, John
Le Gresley, F J
Le Gresley, Ada
Le Gresley, Marie
Le Guillou, Ellen
Le Guillou, Albert
Le Maistre, Philip
Le Maistre, Elsie
Le Maitre, Lydia
Le Maitre, Alfred
Le Marquand, P
Le Marquand, John
Le Marquand, D
Le Masurier, P
Le Masurier, P
Le Masurier, B
Le Moignan, Winnie
Le Moignan, Elizabeth P
Le Moignan, S
Le Moignan, Cecile
Le Moine, J
Le Monnier, Mabel
Le Monnier, Charles
Le Monnier, Stanley
Le Monnier, George
Le Monnier, L
Le Poidevin, Mr
Le Quesne, James
Le Quesne, Walter
Le Quesne, Elton
Le Quesne, Raymond
Le Quesne, Susan
Le Quesne, L
Le Quesne, Q
Le Roux, Simone
Le Ruez, Philip
Le Sueur, C J
Leonard, Hedley
Leonard, Florence
Leonard, Maud
Leonard, Adele
Lingshaw, John
Liron, Edward
Llewellyn, Mr
Loued, E
Lucas, Francis
Lucas, Gladys Mary
Lucas, Eunice
Luce, Edouard, Reverend
Luce, Annie
Macon, Gladys
Marett, Dr
Marie, Joseph
Martin, J
Masson, Gladys
Mauger, Charles, Constable
Mauger, Jessie
Mauger, Maud
Mauger, C
Mauger, F C
Mauger, Lilian J
Mauger, John
Mercier, Albert
Mercier, Raymond
Milon, Arthur
Milon, D
Minchington, E
Minchington, W
Mindu, Florence
Mindu, E
Moor, Reverend
Morin, Annie
Nicolle, Helena B
Nicolle, John
Nicolle, Sydney
Nicolle, Mrs
Page, A F
Paisnel, L
Pattimore, P
Pavoux, Francis
Pedro, Elsie
Pedro, John
Perial, Ernest
Perrio, P
Perrot, Elsie May
Perrot, Leonie
Perrot, Francis
Perrot, John F
Perrot, E
Perrot, J
Perrot, S
Perrot, Laura
Perrot, Hilda
Perrot, Margaret
Peviot, J
Pinel, Beatrice
Pinel, Raymond
Pinel, P
Pinel, Alf
Pinel, E
Pitman, Miss
Plymen, L F
Poidevin, Miss
Poingdestre, F R
Powell, Mr
Quenault, J
Quenault, George
Quenault, Arthur
Quenault, Stella
Queree, Rosa
Rabaste, Amelie
Rankilor, Mr
Renault, R
Renault, Blanche
Renault, Joseph
Renault, Ethel
Renault, Francis
Renault, John
Renault, George
Renouf, Alice
Renouf, Elsie Marie
Renouf, Florrie
Renouf, S
Renyard, A
Renyard, D
Renyard, C
Renyard, F
Reviot, S
Richard, Elsie May
Rinyart, F
Rive, Alice
Rive, R
Rogers, Charlie
Rolland, Blanche
Rolland, Ernest
Rolland, Wilfred
Rolland, Amy
Romain, Francis
Romeril, Miss
Rondel, Edwin
Rondel, P
Rondel, Lilian
Rondel, Cyril
Rondel, Florence
Rondel, H
Rondel, Elvina
Rondel, Edna
Rondel, Doris
Rondel, Alice
Rondel, Wilfred
Rondel, Walter
Rondel, A
Rouault, Rene
Salon, G
Salou, Elsie Mayzell
Salou, Jessie
Salou, Florence
Salou, Gladys
Saout, L
Saout, Anna
Saout, J
Sarre, J
Sarre, Lydia Florence
Sarre, Philip T
Sarre, Florence
Sarre, Thomas
Sarre, Doris
Sarre, William
Sarre, Doris M
Saville, Miss
Seager, Herbert
Selby, Mr
Simon, C
Simon, E J
Skelton, James
Slater, Miss
Spratt, Margaret
St John Nicolle, E, Reverend
Stent, J C
Syvret, Olive
Taylor, Edith M
Therin, Dorothy
Therin, Francis
Therin, Douglas
Therin, V
Thomas, A
Toms, Amelia
Toms, Alfred
Toudic, G
Touzel Trust
Turmel, C
Turpin, Philip
Vasselin, G
Vaudin, John, Headmaster
Vibert, I
Vibert, P
Vivian, Mary
Walton, John
Walton, George
Wood, Frederic Cecil
Wood, F J, Corporal


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