File concerning the Economic Advisor Voluntary Consumer Group, includes; reports, minutes, correspondence and memorandums concerning the potential formation of consumer protection group, pricing policy, consumer complaints, inflation, grocery prices, trading stamps and V.A.T., reports, minutes and correspondence concerning the consumer complaints service, Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food press release concerning meat labelling, Guernsey Evening Post clippings discussing inflation and economic situation in general, correspondence with Jersey Evening Post expressing concern at the article "V.A.T., Sweets and Shoes" with clipping attached, reports and correspondence with Le Brun's Bakery Limited concerning bread prices, Financial Times clipping discussing bread prices, correspondence with States of Guernsey concerning V.A.T., memorandum concerning medical services in relation to HM Forces resident in Jersey, correspondence with Marks and Spencer Limited concerning V.A.T., Guernsey Evening Post clipping discussing price spiral, correspondence with the Government of Gibraltar requesting a report on consumer protection and a series of correspondence with local businesses and consumers concerning consumer complaints.




November 21st 1972 - December 20th 1976


Chief Minister's Department
Finance and Economics Committee
Economic Advisor Voluntary Consumer Group
Jersey Evening Post
Guernsey Evening Post
Channel Television
The Financial Times
Government of Gibraltar
Standing Conference of Women’s Organisations
Jersey Chamber of Commerce
Jersey Housewives Group
Harbours and Airport Committee
Le Brun's Bakery Limited
Pallot Glass Limited
Marks and Spencer
Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food
HM Forces


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