File relating to La Collette Land Reclamation Site Development, includes correspondence relating to various aspects of the development of La Collette, including roads and road systems, contractors' insurance, allocation of sites for States departments and private businesses, proposed coal storage for electricity production and the construction of an electricity sub-station, a list of car parking requirements at La Collette, correspondence, maps and plans relating to the future use of the land to the south of the Abattoir, invoices for provision of mains services to the La Collette area, maps and plans of the area with proposed site allocations marked, notes of progress meetings into development of the area, correspondence relating to the vehicle park and a survey of the vehicles parked there, a resume of development works and capital expenditure projections and a form of tender, brief specification, signed contract and drawings relating to the construction of a new electricity sub-station at La Collette reclamation site.




July 12th 1983 - December 27th 1984


Planning and Environment Committee
States Planning Office
Harbours and Airport Committee


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