File relating to Miscellaneous St Saviour, includes; general correspondence relating to roads and lanes in St Saviour. Correspondence relates to all aspects of planning, building and the environment including change of use for properties, property access, acquisition, windows, doors, walls and other general development requests and issues. Also includes photograph of St Saviour's Parish Hall, c.1984, photographs of cars left at Rue des Pres Estate, 1983, a photograph of Vale View House, Ivystill Lane, 1984, photographs of St Bernards and Oak Villa, Sunshine Avenue, 1984, photographs of Bagatelle Drapers, 1984, plans of Maufant Main Road, 1981, photographs of Field 671, Rue de Nuilly, 1984, photographs of Beach Flat, Beach Road, 1984, a photograph of Hilltop Cottage, Five Oaks, 1983 and plans relating to air valve chambers at Maufant, 1985.




November 23rd 1993 - December 19th 1985


Planning and Environment Committee
States Planning Office
Bagatelle Drapers


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December 19th 2046


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