File Relates to General Hospital Phase 1A (Boiler House and Workshops). File is made up of correspondence relating to the construction, maintenance and finances of the redevelopment of the Jersey General Hospital with a focus on the Boiler House and Workshops as well as the impact on the surrounding roads and properties. Correspondence is primarily between Quanity Surveyors, Engineers, Island Development Committee, The Jersey Group of Hospitals, Chief Architect, Finance and Economics Committee, Fire Service, Public Health Committee Contractors, Resources Recovery Board, Bordering Properties & Department of Public Building and Works. The correspondence is based mainly on the topics of general construction tenders,architects instructions, costings and schedules; site meeting notes; mains supplies; Fire prevention; Drainage; Sewerage; Access; Chimneys; Oil Storage; Estimates & damage to neighbouring properties.




1979-03 - 1979-11


Public Services Department
Transport and Technical Services
Department of Public Building and Works
Health and Social Services Committee
Jersey Group of Hospitals
Finance and Economics Committee
Planning and Environment Committee


General Hospital | Boilerhouse | workshops | Fire Service | Construction | redevelopment | maintenance | finances | drainage | sewerage | oil store


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