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Travel Permits completed by people leaving Jersey travelling to Guernsey and Weymouth on the 16th of December 1915

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December 16th 1915 - December 16th 1915


Immigration and Nationality Department
Allen, James
Bailey, Harry Riddles
Bainbridge, Arthur Henry James
Bainbridge, Horace William
Barnes, Clara
Baugh, William
Baxter, Lawrence
Bechel, Rosa
Bewer, William Matthew
Briard, John Fortescue
Broadfoot, Helen
De Carteret, Allan Roper
Le Cocq, William
Cohen, Arthur Evelyn
Collins, John
Cotton, Benjamin Temple
Cotton, Lena T
Crawley, Alfred Ernest
Edwards, Oliver
Evans, Margaret
Ferbrache, Rex Edward
Le Feuvre, Francis
Le Franc, Emile
Hanby, Florence Rosa
Hielou, Henry Mark
Fleury, Isabella
Garmicoll, Albert
Gibaut, Edmund
Gillett, Harold Dickin
Gosselin, Maurice Lionel
Greenhill, Henry
Harwood, Alfred James
Henry, Stanley
Hilton, Maud Ellen
Holland, William
Hogarth, Alexander Thwaites
Hunter, John Nicholls
Jerrom, Charles
Jouny, Yves Marie
Marquand, Evelyn Violet
Mauger, Charles Herbert
Mellhuish, Albert
McLeod, Norman Chester
Milnes, Evelyn Bourne
Moreton, Basil Meredith
Nichols, Ernest Henry
Nugent, Richard Harvey
Osbourn, James
Pallot, Charles William
Pashley, Robert
Philips, Edward Benjamin
Pryce Jones, William Henry
Renouf, Philip John
Renouf, Sidney John
Reuse, Marcel
Roberts, Rose Florence
Royre, Louis
Rushbury, George
Sewell, Frederick
Simon, Claud Samuel
Sullivan, Edward
Thomson, James Alexander
Thomson, Florence
Webber, Ethel
Wigley, Frederick Gwyn Mackay
Wigley, Jessie Mary
Witsey, Jack
Woodfield, Arthur


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