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General Hospital Admission Register - Entries for hospital patients and inmates with surnames beginning with the letter H




January 1st 1879 - December 13th 1879


Jersey General Hospital
Health and Social Services Department
de la Haye, Philippe
Hamon, Jacques
Le Huquet, Clement
Hamon, François
Hotton, Daniel
Hamon, William
Healy, John
Harding, Philip
Hansford, Henry
Hester, John
Hedgeland, John
Hodder, Charles John
Hallman, William Richard
Hamon, Matilda Hariette
Hotton, Charlotte
Henri, Madeleine
Harvey, Ester
Hurcham, Sarah Ann
Haffner, Ann
Hervé, Celestine
Hernest, Harriett
Hooke, Eliza
Harris, Caroline
Harding, Georgina
Harvey, Louisa
Holmes, Maria
Hallman, Alfred
Houguet, William
Huston, Benjamin
Huelin, Alfred
Hamon, Marie
Hansford, James
Hamon, Jean
Hamon, Alice Ann
Huard, Ann
Harvey, Louisa
Hearne, Kate
Henna, John
Hutchings, Louisa
Heskett, John
Hotton, Florence
Le Huquet, Nancy
Hamon, Pierre Marie
Hamilton, Thomas
Hotton, Charlotte
Hudson, Nancy Catherine
De La Haye, John
Healey, Margaret
Harvey, Ester
Harris, George
Heron, William
Le Huquet, Mary Jane
Herve, Pierre
Halard, Marie
Hayles, Frederick
Hotton, Jane
Hannaford, William
Herron, Ellen
Hedgeland, John
Hooke, Eliza
Hassell, William
Herron, Ellen
Hubert, Francis
Le Herissier, Jean
Healey, Mary
Healey, Margaret
Hodden, Louisa


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