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General Hospital Admission Register - Entries for hospital patients and inmates with surnames beginning with the letter M




January 1st 1879 - December 13th 1879


Jersey General Hospital
Health and Social Services Department
Moignard, William
Malzard, Jean
Le Montais, Alexandre
Moss, James
Marie, Daniel Elie
de la Mare, Philippe
Mildren, John George
Matteface, James
Mildren, John
Malzard, Ann
Le Masurier, Mary
Mauger, Margaret
Mourant, Ester
Mourant, Elizabeth
McDonald, Rachel
McAuliffe, Mary Ann
McCart, Margaret
Masters, Elizabeth
Marsden, Julia
Murtach, Sarah
McBride, Isabella
de la Mare, Caroline
Michel, Ester
Mauger, Anne
Margrie, Louisa
Mourant, Jane
McDermott, Joseph
Miles, Edward
McGrath, Emily
Michel, Alfred
Moissan, Anne
Morgan, Edward
Le Masurier, Abraham
Michel, Emile, Jules
Mildron, George Richard
Mildron, Charles
Moignard, Jeanne
Mourant, Louisa
Moore, Louisa
Marett, John
Marett, Philippe
Marett, Florence Mabel
Melters, John Bickell
Machon, Louisa
Mauger, Edouard
Mauger, Jane
Morley, John
Micleahy, Thomas
McCarthy, Michael
Marett, Philippe
Martin, Marie Reine
Le Masson, Guillaume
Macready, Ellen
Marett, Elizabeth
Le Montais, Alexandre
Mildron, Henry
Mackenzie, William
McDermott, David
Le Maistre, Jane
Le Maigat, Aline
Mourant, Louisa
Mazian, Victorine
Le Marquand, Thomas
Marett, Philippe
Mollet, Winter
Marett, Francis
Mauger, Amelia
Matthews, Charles
Mallett, Amanda Johannah
Middleton, Mary Ann
McIntyre, John
Mitchell, James
Macarthy, Mary Ann
Le Marquand, Pierre J
Miles, Susan
Le Montais, Matilde de Jersey
Le Mouton, Augustine C
Maragaret, Thérèse
Martin, Mathew
Manouri, Auguste
Marie, Ellen
Motier, Desiré
Martin, Amelia Mary
Martin, Francis John
Martin, Walter George
Mallet, Robert
Mudford, Elizabeth
Moody, James


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