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General Hospital Admission Register - Entries for hospital patients and inmates with surnames beginning with the letter B




January 1st 1910 - December 31st 1910


Jersey General Hospital
Health and Social Services Department
Brouard, Elizabeth Monamy
Byrne, Mary Eliza
Blanchard, Léon André
Bertaut, Ferdinand Joseph
Foot, Jane, née Bennett
Bates, George
Bates, Laura
astifell, Archibald E. H.
Bowdidge, Eliza
Barry, Evelyn
Butler, Georgina
Butterworth, John Edwin
Bisson, Clément Valpy
Bamber, Charles Henry
Burman, Walter John
Baudains, Thomas John
Le Brun, Charles William
Barrett, Peter
Le Boulanger, Ann
Malherbe, Esther, née Le Breton
Baudains, Sophie
Burgess, Robert Edwin
Benest, Charles
Le Maistre, Mary, née Le Brocq
Le Brocq, Mary
Le Brun, Francis John
Burton, Charles
Le Boutillier, Ann
Battrick, John
Blake, Francis
Dorman, Mary, née Benan
Bragg, Ellen
Burlot, Alexandre
Le Brocq, James Alfred
Bertram, Philippe Clément
Benoit, Yves Marie
Banks, James Manning
Le Berne, Yves Jean
Le Brocq, Harold Albert
Barney, Frederick Charles
Le Barbenchon, Louis Pierre
Hérbert, Florence, née Besnard
Showell, Adelaide Maud, née Bates
Brown, George William
Brée, John Bertram
Gilllan, Amy Sybil, née Biscamp
Brown, Frank Brothers
Bird, John George
Le Gresley, Eliza Jane, née Le Boutillier
Bonniore, Marianne
Bonser, Thomas Islip
Blampied, George Cristin
Bisson, Frances
Bridre, Emily Watte, née Biles
Brassel, Robert Alfred Daniel
Blampied, George Cristin
Blampied, Charles
Hillion, Marie Caroline, née Bars
Beuchet, Marie Noel
Bonniore, Marianne
Becquet, Percy
Bailey, William Francis
Beuzeval, Pierre Paul Auguste Désiré
Brogan, William
Bisson, George Francis
Le Brun, George
Le Breuilly, Aimable Jules Auguste
Burlot, Jean Pierre Marie
Stokes, Elizabeth, née Branwell
Bailey, Tom Stephen
Baril, Thomas
Le Breton, Francis
Boscouet, François Marie
Rault, Emily Gertrude, née Brunet
Blampied, Charles
Le Bras, Henri
Barrett, Peter
Pilcher, Elizabeth Jane, née Bishop
Bisson, Mary Jane
Burke, Elizabeth Eliza
Briant, Eugène
Blampied, George
Brint, Alice maud, née Bisson
Britton, Clement Donald
Best, Charles
Bisson, Nicholas Walter
Ball, Ethel May
Le Boutillier, Jessie, née Barnett
Bailey, William Francis
Bréhut, Madeline
Le Bihan, Jean
Blackmore, Arthur
Bottomley, Samuel Autregnent
Briand, Joseph Jean Baptiste
Becquet, Percy
Rogers, Mary Ann, née Burns
Le Bas, Ann Esther
Le Brouilly, Aimable John Auguste
Le Brocq, James Alfred
Le Brun, George
Le Breton, Alexandre Joseph Louis
Le Brocq, John Thomas
Godfray, Jane Léonore, née Blampied
Blampied, Jane Léonore
Barrois, Hippolyte
Bannier, François Jean
Le Breton, Thomas Philip


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