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General Hospital Admission Register - Entries for hospital patients and inmates with surnames beginning with the letter H




January 1st 1883 - December 25th 1883


Jersey General Hospital
Health and Social Services Department
de la Haye, Philip
Hamon, Jacques
Le Huguet, Clement
Hodder, Charles
Hubert, Charles
Helleur, Jean
Hedgeland, John
Hudson, Nancy Catherine
Hooke, Eliza
Helland, William
Hotton, Daniel
Henna, John
Hebbert, Jane
Heron, Ellen
Hotton, Ann
Hatherley, Dorothy
Hinchcliffe, Mary
Hennessey, Bartholomew
Hearne, John
Hamon, Jean Edouard
Hamon, François
Hamel, Victoire Modeste
Hamon, John
Hannaford, Richard
Hacquoil, Adelina
Le Huguet, John Abraham
Hamon, Anna Louisa
Hamon, François
Hamon, Matilde
Hallett, Henri
Hemery, Ambroise
Healey, Mary
Huan, Marguerite
Hamon, George Helier
Hallman, William
Hervin, Agustine
Hooke, Eliza
Harris, Harriet
Halland, William
Le Huquet, Nancy
Honeycombe, Jane
Hamon, Jean Edouard
Hainault, Matthieu
Hocquard, Philippe
Hibbs, Thomas
Hamel, Ester
Huxtable, Francis Hayden
Le Huquet, Douce
Huther, Edward
Henri, Elise
Hibbs, Thomas
Hardy, Charlotte
Hoare, John Charles
Hamon, François
Healey, Mary
Hearne, Patrick
Hamilton, Matilda
Hussen, Sarah
Haverill, Caroline Frances
Haverill, Percy George
Huston, Levy
Haverill, Robert Joseph
Huelin, Henriette
de la Haye, Alfred Alexander
Heaume, Bertha
Hibbs, Thomas
Hodge, Susan
Hodge, William
Le Huquet, Rachel


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