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General Hospital Admission Register - Entries for hospital patients and inmates with surnames beginning with the letter B




January 1st 1885 - December 16th 1885


Jersey General Hospital
Health and Social Services Department
Beckford, Isaac
Brooks, Thomas
Beaucamp, John
Bordelette, Marguerite
Bowditch, Sarah
Bolt, Ann
Beckford, Elizabeth
Bedel, Veronique
Beauvier, Allain
Bunter, Jeremiah
Burke, William
Le Breton, Mary
Butler, Georgina
Blampied, Charles
Bastifell, Arthur
Baker, James
Baker, Patrick George
Bree, Jane
Le Boulanger, Ann
Bisson, Helene Marie
Bisson, Thomas
Becquet, Anne
Becquet, Percy
Bosdet, Jane Elizabeth
Bisson, Marie
Bisson, Jane
Bailhache, Daniel
Burridge, Jesse
Brevier, Jessie
Barette, Elizabeth Jane
Baldwin, Catherine
Baudry, Leonard
Burge, Mary
Brideaux, Charles
Buckley, Mary Ann
Baille, Jeanne
Badier, Elizabeth
Bartlett, Margaret
Bisson, Edouard
Badier, John
Le Bargey, Mary
Bounet, Jean
Barnes, Emily
Burt, Richard
Burke, Louis
Boite, Jeanne Marie
Bridges, Matilda Elizabeth
Le Breton, Jane
Le Blond, Lucie
Behot, Elizabeth
Bellamy, Robert
Bienvenu, Jean
Bell, Robert
Belin, Marguerite
Bree, Elizabeth
Buckley, Mary Ann
Brochet, Mary Ann
Bastard, Anne Marie
Bourniot, Helena
Balsom, John
Bulson, George
Bridle, John Thomas
Butler, Thomas
Bellee, Victor
Baker, Patrick
Le Brocq, Jean
Bates, Henry
Bowman, Mary
Breen, William
Butler, John
Blackler, Mary Ann
Burke, William Edmund
Baker, Patrick George
Bold, R
Brennan, Alice
Bean, Sarah Jane
Bean, Philip Jean Gaudin
Bridle, Henry
Brady, Mary
Bosdet, Jane Elizabeth
Breen, William
Breen, Daniel
Baker, James
Bigley, Ellen
Baltus, Ann Lee
Boudreau, Daniel
Butterworth, Ann
Le Brun, Moses Charles
Breeze, Mary


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