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Admission Register - Entries for hospital patients and inmates with surnames beginning with the letter M




January 1st 1913 - December 31st 1913


Jersey General Hospital
Health and Social Services Department
Malorey, Alphonse George
Bennett, Sophie, née de la Mare
Ennis, Ellen Eliza, née Miller
Le Masurier, Peter John
Marett, Lilian Mary
Martin, Marie
Mangan, Mary Elizabeth
Mackenny, Rachel
Channon, Catherine, née McCart
Carter, Lucille Albertine, née Moche
Le Marquand, Eliza, née Le Maistre
Le Maistre, Eliza
Bailhache, Henriette, née McCrum
Harris, Elizabeth, née Matson
McLeod, Mary Jane
Marett, Jessie
Le Monnier, Victor Louis
Mahony, Rhoda
McAllen, Alfred Osment
Le Marquand, Thomas
Maloret, Jane
Malzard, Ann
Cornière, Louisa Jane, née Le Moignan
Lambert, Mary Ann, née Monamy
Mourant, Thomas
Marett, Elise
Louis, Nancy, née Misson
Mourant, John
Mauger, Mary
de la Mare, John Francis Comerford
Machon, Philip John
Milikin, William John
Mildren, Richard
Marguerie, Ruby Katie Elizabeth
McKinna, Thornton, fs Joseph
Green, Agnes Ann, née McKenna
Wright, Alice Elizabeth, née Mauger
Baudains dit Le Gerche, Jane Elizabeth, née Le Mausurie
Le Masurier, John
Mourant, John Clifford
Mourant, Violet Agnes
Machon, Philip John
Marguerie, John
Mallet, Louisa
Le Marchand, Lucille Jeanne
Marett, Philippe John
Minier, Peter Francis
Vibert, Mary Ann, née Le Maistre
Le Maistre, Mary Ann
Le Ray, Jane Caroline, née Machon
Manning, John
McLeod, Thomas Henry
McDonald, Alick
Catelinot, Emma-Jane, née Le Marquand
Le Marquand, Philip
Etasse, Elizabeth, née Le Mottée
Le Meil, Jean Louis
Deslandes, Annie, née Miles
Méheust, Germaine
McCann, James
Le Monnier, William Frederick
Matson, Alfred
Jegot, Clara Elizabeth, née Le Masurier
Michel, Estelle Louisa
Burton, Esther, née Le Masurier
Spriggs, Ellen Mary, née Macreight
McAllen, Elizabeth Rosanne
Macdonald, Joseph
Ménager, Marie
Houillebecq, Ann, née McAvoy
Le Brocq, Jane Sinel, née Le Marchand
Marshall, Alice Emily, née Marquis
Mesnard, Anne Marie, née Maillard
Mesnard, Marcel
Mesnard, Jane
Mesnard, Victor


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