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Military Service Act (Jersey) 1917. Central Tribunal. Register of Cases. Includes alphabetical index of appellants names. Also includes address, occupation, age, district and decision of original tribunal, and date when the appeal papers were received by the Central Tribunal for each individual appellant

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1917 - 1918


Judicial Greffe
Military Service Act (Jersey) 1917 Central Tribunal
Ahier, William Charles
Amy, Buesnel Philip
Amy, Francis Philip
Amy, Philip George
Amy, Thomas George
Amy, William George
Andre, Edwin Richard
Arhel, Jules Marie
Arthur, Charles Edward
Arthur, John Brée
Allen, George
Baker, Gorton Frederick
Barter, George Wilfred
Barnett, John
Baudains, Clarence William
Baudains, Garnet James
Bechelet, Alfred
Beck, John Le Landais
Belford, James Mauger
Benest, Snowdon
Billot, Philip Edward
Bitot, Albert Frank
Blampied, Clifford George
Blondel, Adolphe Henri Edmond
Blandin, Peter James
du Bois, Elie Charles Auguste
du Bois, Emile Edmund
Boullier, Sydney Herbert
Le Boutillier, Auguste Louis Raoul
Le Boutillier, Walter Marett
Le Boutillier, Stanley James
Le Breton, Charles Philip Corbel
Breuilly, Arthur Frank
Le Breuilly, Francis Peter Maxime
Le Brocq, Albert Stanley
Le Brocq, Charles
Le Brocq, Francis Clarence
Le Brocq, Summer Samuel Le Bailly
Brown, Charles Ward
Brown, Ernest William
Le Brun, Claude Clarence Richardson
Buard, Auguste
Buesnel, Philip Winter
Buesnel, Sydney George
Burke, William George
Cabot, Charles Alfred
Cabot, Philip Sebastian
Carpenter, Arthur Clarence
Carré, Herbert Thomas
Carter, Charles
Chevalier, Francis
Le Cocq, William
Colbeck, Walter Ernest
Connnor, William Christopher George
Copp, Charles Edwin
Le Cornu, Winter Peter
Le Couilliard, Arthur Charles
Coutanche, Philip Francis L'Ecolier
Crosby, John Alfred
Cudlipp, Herbert Henry
Cavey, Arthur John
Davy, Francis Marie
Day, Clarence Henry
Deffains, Joseph François
Dingle, Adolphus Ernest
Dingle, Percy William
Drake, William Ernest
Dunell, Clifford
Dunham, Percy Robert
Dupays, Peter Henry
Le Vavasseur dit Durell, Clarence William
Dutot, Henry
Dyer, Charles
England, Stanley
Fairchild, Harold James
Falle, Clement Philip Edward
Falle, Elias William
Ferey, John
du Feu, Albert James
du Feu, John Philip
du Feu, Philip John
Le Feuvre, Arthur John
Le Feuvre, Gerald Thomas
Le Feuvre, Philip
Le Fevre, Francis
Le Feuvre dit Filliastre, Peter
Le Flohic, Francis
Le Fol, Peter Adolphus
Le Gallais, Alfred John Matthew
Le Galle, Pierre Alphonse Jules
Gallie, Eugène Adolphus
Germain, John Philip
Gibaut, Herbert Marett
Gibaut, Philip
Gibaut, Wilford Philip
Goaziou, Emmanuel
Gorvel, Frank Baptiste
Gosling, Peter Stanley
Goupy, Alfred Yves
Le Gresley, Clarence
Gresley, John Philip
Le Gresley, Peter John
Le Gresley, Philip Clarence
Gruchy, Eric Llewellyn
de Gruchy, Ernest John
de Gruchy, John Thomas
de Gruchy, Oliver John
de Gruchy, Percival
Guillegume, Thomas Francis
Gallichan, Donald Elias
Glendewar, Sydney Arthur
Hacquoil, John Philip
Hall, Edward John
Hamon, Charles John
Hamon, Frank Marie
Hamon, John de Ste Croix
de la Haye, George
De La Haye, Herbert Francis
Henderson, Clarence Gerald
Hérissier, John Nelson
Hervé, Alfred Joseph
Hervé, Jean François
Hodgetts, Percy Le Hardy
Holley, Peter Charles
Hostingue, Paul Victor
Hotton, Stephen Edwin
Houellebecq, John Frank
Huelin, Clement
Huelin, Edward John
Huelin, Francis George
Huelin, George
Huelin, Hedley Francis
Le Hayée, Alphonse Désiré
Hettich, Edwin Wyndham
Jeune, James John
Jenne, Percy Amy
Keeping, Eric Ronald
Labey, Julius Edmund Gruchy
Lamy, Peter Paul Ferdinand
de la Lande, Philip John
Laurens, Clarence Philip Guilleaume
Laurens, Harold
Laurens, Herbert Guilleaume
Laurens, Philip Charles
Laurie, Percy Douglas
Lee, Tom
L'Enfant, Arthur
Letchford, Herbert Moritz
Le Lievre, Cyril Godfray
Le Lievre, Francis Walter
Le Lievre, Jean Auguste
Le Lièvre, Philip
Le Lièvre, Walter James
Liron, Charles Thomas Henry
Lucas, Clifford
Lucas, Francis Vesconte
Luce, Philip John
Lucas, James
Le Maistre, Francis John
Mallet, Clement Walter
Marett, Stanley de Carteret
Le Marquand, Francis John
Martin, Alfred Emile
Martin, James Henry
Martin, Philip John
Le Masurier, John Turnnidge
Mauger, John Wesley
McCauley, Henry Loraine
Le Mière, Gaston Raoul
Millow, William Charles Paul
Le Moignan, Joshua Pinel
Le Moignan, Wesley
Moignard, William George
Le Moine, François Mathurin
Le Montais, De Lecq John Ricard
Morin, Francis
Mourant, Philip John
Moyse, John Philip
Mortimer, Joseph Thomas
Noel, Adolphus Nicholas
Noel, Clement Cuthbert
Noel, Edward Thomas
Noel, George Gallichan
Noel, Harold Binet
Noel, Walter Philip
Noel, Alfred Thomas
Ollieron, Louis Albert
Ouedard, Pierre Marie
Pallot, Charles William
Pallot, Clement Charles
Pallot, Emile Nicholas
Pallot, Garnet Charles
Pallot, Hedley Alexander
Pallot, Sidney
Paturel, John Peter
Perchard, John
Perkins, George Arthur Mark
Picot, Herbert Gaspard
Pinel, Philip John
Pinel, Philip Henry
Pinglaux, Jean François
Piquet, Clarence John
Poignand, Winter
Poingdestre, Sidney Richard
Poingdestre, Winter Thomas
Poole, Harold Francis Louis
Pratt, Cecil Edwin de Ste Croix
Prevost, Peter
Plongeon, Ernest Leon
Picot, Herbert Nicholson
Poingdestre, Claude Gordon
Quenault, John Stanley
Quérée, Ernest
Le Quesne, Winter Alfred
Rebindaine, Pierre François
Reed, Sidney Bernard
Renouf, Alfred John
Renouf, Arthur
Renouf, John Alfred
Renouf, Philip John
Renouf, Thomas Alfred
Richardson, Edward James
Riches, Arthur Robin
Richomme, Alfred George
Ricou, Paul Amy
Ricou, Ronald Silvester
Rimeur, Frank Ernest
Rive, John Trachy
Riviere, Joseph Pierre
Roberts, Francis Philip
Robins, Snowdon Francis
Rogon, Yves Francois
Roissier, Cyril John Esnouf
Romeril, Garnet
Rondel, Arthur Clement
Rondel, John Adam
Roscouet, Louis Joseph
Le Rossignol, Francis Salmon
Le Petevin dit Le Roux, Bernard
de Rue, George Payn
de Rue, Philip de Gruchy
Le Ruez, Wilfred George
Le Seelleur, Philip John
Le Seelleur, William
Shepard, Harold George
Le Signe, Auguste Louis Ernest Jules
Simon, Walter John
Single, Walter Dale
Slade, Edward
Snowdon, Frederick James
Stone, Herbert Thomas
Surcouf, Francis Peter
Surcouf, Pierre Charles
Samson, Adolphus P E
Tank, Ernest James
Taylor, Christopher
Touzel, Francis
Turmel, René François Marie
Turner, Clarence George
Valpy, Philip Daniel
Vaudin, William George
Vilton, Charles
Vitel, François Marie
Wason, Rigby
Wigginton, Frederick James


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