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Admission Register - Entries for hospital patients and inmates with surnames beginning with the letter B




January 1st 1914 - December 31st 1914


Jersey General Hospital
Health and Social Services Department
Byrne, Mary Eliza
Brown, Frank Brothers
Briars, Emily Watts, née Biles
Palfreman, Jane, née Bennett
Thomas, Lydia Maud, née Le Boutillier
Bastifell, Archibald E H
Bamber, Charles Henry
Brown, George William
Le Brun, Charles William
Butler, Georgina
Baudains, Thomas John
Bisson, Clement Valpy
Butler, Thomas
Boudier, Mary Ann
Biddlecombe, Joseph
Le Boulanger, Ann
Le Boutillier, John
Crespin, Jane Mary, née Blampied
Blampied, Jane Mary
Blampied, Charles
Burgess, Robert Edwin
Le Gresley, Eliza Jane, née Le Boutillier
Marie, Susanne Jane, née Bertram
Baudains, George Francis
Battrick, John
Le Brocq, James Alfred
Bragg, Ellen
Le Brun, Francis John
Bouchéré, Alfred Nicolas
Behse, John Philip
Brehaut, Nora
Billot, George Renouf
Le Brun, John George William
Bottomley, Annie Florence
Pestel, Marie, née Bernard
Le Breton, Marjorie Anna
Brain, William
Billot, George Renouf
Baudry, Leonard
Bellamy, Iris Louisa
Bates, Robert
Binet, Elise
Brint, Frederick Arthur
Butel, John Simeon
Le Bihan, Eugène
Balepooreah, Francis Newton
Bertram, Philip Clement
Bisson, Francis
Bates, John
Ryan, Eugénie, née Baud
Browning, Florence
Baxter, William
Bisson, James
Bateman, Leslie
Boreham, James Thomas
Le Blond, Françoise
Le Blond, Matilda Lena
Le Blond, Louis Francis
Le Blond, Célestine
Le Blond, Alice Maria
Le Breton, Philip
Bolan, André
Bolan, Renée
Bolan, Roger
Bourtelere, Théophile
Bridon, Paul Emile
Le Brun, Ann Elizabeth, née Binet
Blowers, Rose, née Boivin
Blowers, Doris Ada May
Blowers, Raymond Walter
Blowers, Florence
Blowers, Arthur James
Buesnel, Helena
Bertram, John Winter
Beauverger, Ernest
Andrews, Mary Ann, née Brooks
Brown, Robert Hicks
Bolch, Josephine Marie
Bartlett, Charles Herbert
Bree, William George
Bouchard, Jean Francis Auguste
Baltus, William James Hazel
Ball, John
Boyer, Aimée Marie Françoise
Bolch, Eileen
Bree, Arthur
Deighton, Margaret, née Bowen
Le Behan, Jean François
Bailey, William Walter
Boudier, John
Le Brun, Clement George
Bisson, Daniel
Hardy, Marie, née Banneville
Buckingham, Thomas Le Sueur
Becquet, Percy
Butel, John Simeon
Baudains, Harriet
Baillie, Walter Ernest
Battam, William
Le Brocq, James Alfred
Blampied, Josué
Buesnel, Walter John
Boissel, Edward John
Battrick, John


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