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Travel Permits completed by people leaving Jersey on the 11th January 1917

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January 11th 1917 - January 11th 1917


Immigration and Nationality Department
Adams, William
Balleine, Arthur Edwin
Bartlett, Isabelle
Boleat, Cecile Helene
Boleat, Emile Joseph
Briggs, Charles
Brind, Theodora Maimee
Chilton, Elizabeth
de Coudenhove, Chantal
de Coudenhove, Raoul
Coutanche, Mary Muriel
Cunningham, Alice Marie Alphonsine
Deval, William Henry
Le Feuvre, Alfred
Le Feuvre, Mary
Franklin, Horace William
Hall, William Harold
Herivel, John Francis
Hubert, Majorie Browning
Janvrin, George
Jeffs, Christina
Jones, William Stitchman
Lamy, Eva
Lamy, John
Lamy, John J
Langlais, Jane
Larbalestier, Jeannette
Larbalestier, Marguerite J
Leat, John William
Lucas, Ida
Le Maistre, Helena
Mandley, Mary
May, Charles Albert
Mollet, Sylvia Maria
Paget, Edward Montague
Du Parcq, Lilian
Picot, Stanley John
Richards, Stephen Henry William
Le Seelleur, Eunice
Taylor, Cecily Beatrice
Thorne, Charlton
Thomas, Eliza Jane
Walton, Thomas
Webber, Doris Janet
Wicks, William
Wills, Walter Henry Stanley
Dalrymple, Albert Ernest
Mollet, Gladys Blanche


travel permits | immigration | Workers | nurses | commercial travellers


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