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General Hospital Admission Register - Entries for hospital patients and inmates with surnames beginning with the letter S




January 1st 1903 - December 31st 1903


Jersey General Hospital
Health and Social Services Department
Stevens, Samuel
Shales, James
Kirkby, Margaret, née Sheeran
Le Seuer, Francis Percy
Parrott, Sarah, née Scandling
Sharland, William Francis
Stoneman, James
Rogerie, Eliza, née Spencer
Smith, Elizabeth
Shiner, Julia Maud
Le Seelleur, Louisa
Sullivan, Julia Delphine
Le Seelleur, Thomas Philippe
Stone, John Thomas
Suret, Philippe
Sebire, Hélier
Le Sueur, Jéremie
Le Sueur, Thomas
Moody, Rose Anna, née Spratt
Smith, Sarah, née Smith
Studley, William Isaac
Rive, Ann, née Le Sueur
Le Sueur, Ann
Le Sueur, Robert Henry
Smith, George
Smith, Thomas Clarke
Syvret, Edward
Summers, Isaac James
Lakeman, Julia Jane, née Sbrie
Smith, Edward Henry John
Silvester, Frederick Charles
Showell, William
Sinel, James Edwin
Le Breton, Henriette, née Le Sueur
Shales, Annie, née Showell
Silvester, Frederick Charles
Saunders, George David
Sibley, Julia
Kirkby, Margaret, née Sheeran
Silvester, Frederick Charles
Sweeney, William
Stephens, Barbara Ann Maud
Stephens, Lilian Augusta
Single, Albert


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