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General Hospital Admission Register - Entries for hospital patients and inmates with surnames beginning with the letter R




January 1st 1886 - December 31st 1886


Jersey General Hospital
Health and Social Services Department
Roach, George
Rowcliffe, William
Robine, Alfred
Richards, Eliza
Crabb, Elizabeth, née Robinson
Richard, Susan, née Elms
Coutanche, Mary Ann, née Robilliard
Regan, Ellen
Reardon, Ann
Jandrell, Ellen Mary, née Renouf
Stone, Emma, née Renouf
Rondel, William
Renouf, Mary
Le Rouet, Elizabeth
Romeril, Francois
Brogan, Margaret, née Revington
Rozery, Susannah
Rozery, Frederick
Robinson, Sarah E
Rennell, William Henry
Le Ruez, Philippe
Riley, Mary Ann
Taylor, Alice, née Reynolds
Robertson, Adeline
Gaudin, Jane, née Romeril
Romeril, Jane
Morley, Ann Norah, née Roach
Tye, Elizabeth Alexandre, née Richards
Taylor, Eliza, née Reynolds
Rennell, Charles Alfred
Reynolds, Ellen
Rogers, George Higgs
Robinson, Sarah Ella
Vaudin, Julia Mary Ann, née Robilliard
Robinson, John
Richards, Alfred
Riley, John
Etimbre, Pélagie, née Rabé
Russell, Elizabeth
Rafferty, Philip
Le Rossignol, Frank
Riley, John Collas
Renouf, John
Ryan, Catherine
Le Ray, Alfred Joseph
Lane, Sarah, née Rose
Gould, Margaret Ann, née Rogers
Pepin, Mary, née Le Riche
Renault, Jacques
Le Rendu, Emma
Rabelle, Louisa


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