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General Hospital Admission Register - Entries for hospital patients and inmates with surnames beginning with the letter B




January 1st 1887 - December 31st 1887


Jersey General Hospital
Health and Social Services Department
Beckford, Isaac
Brooks, Thomas
Beaucamp, John
Le Sour, Marguerite, née Bordelette
Showell, Elizabeth, née Beckford
Pike, Elizabeth, née Breé
Tuffery, Mary, née Burge
Bayston, Mary, née Brady
Johns, Ann Lee, née Baltus
Burns, Martin
Prince, Mary Ann, née Berry
Blampied, Charles
Bunter, Jeremiah
Burke, William Thomas
Bastifell, Arthur
Baker, Patrick George
Le Breton, Mary
Butler, Georgina
Coutanche, Helena, née Bourinot
Burch, Emma, née Baton
Burch, Emmie
Billot, Elizabeth Anne
Le Boulanger, Ann
Le Boutillier, Jane
Le Boutillier, Annie
Becquet, Anne
Barette, Jean
Le Cras, Marie, née Bisson
Bailey, William Francis
Bailhache, Daniel
Butler, Thomas
Bechelet, Abraham
Bernard, Pierre
Burke, Margaret
Blampied, Jane, née Bonnel
Bonnel, Jane
Morcel, Carterette, née Le Boutillier
Jeguey, Jeanne Marie, née Banoit
Andrews, Mary Ann, née Brooks
Brett, Walter
Le Bas, Frederick Mallet
Le Breton, Francis
Guppy, Jane, née Bree
Baudains, George François
Barrett, Peter
Barry, Patrick
Bailhache, Clement
Brock, Thomas
Brodie, Toussaint
Blampied, Philippe
Briant, Jean
Le Brocq, Jean
Barny, Eliza Clementine, née Le Bas
Barny, Elizabeth Clementine
Boutillier, John William
Lihou, Margaret, née Bullock
Bichard, John Mault
Bertram, Marguerite
Brochard, Marie
Brideaux, Pierre
Butters, Charles
Badier, George Josué
Bruck, George
du Bois, Thomas
Bisson, Ann
Baker, James
Bauche, Jean Baptiste
Moite, Anne Marie, née Burlot
Bertaux, Pierre
Sibdin, Isabella Jane, née Bates
Baker, George
Duval, Mary E, née Brochet
Blot, Louis
Bailey, Henry John
Simmons, May A J
Simmons, May A J, née Baker
Brown, Arthur
Page, Marie, née Burke
Du Bois, Edouard
Studly, Catherine, née Bishop
Albert, Mary, née Barrett
Baker, Charles
Brisker, Charles
Adams, Clara Elizabeth, née Le Breton
Declos, Marie, née Bastard
Benest, Charles


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