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General Hospital Admission Register - Entries for hospital patients and inmates with surnames beginning with the letter B




January 1st 1889 - December 31st 1889


Jersey General Hospital
Health and Social Services Department
Beckford, Isaac
Beaucamp, John
Le Louere, Marguerite, née Bordelette
Showell, Elizabeth, née Beckford
Pike, Elizabeth, née Brée
Burns, Martin
Barry, Patrick
Studley, Catherine, née Bishop
Brooks, Thomas
Butterworth, Nancy
Blampied, Charles
Bunter, Jeremiah
Bastifell, Archibald
Le Breton, Mary Ann
Butler, Georgina
Baker, James
Jandrel, Ann, née Bottomly
Badier, Elizabeth, née Bowdidge
Baal, George
Babot, Walter James
Badier, George Josué
Guppy, Jane, née Brée
Bisson, Ann
Brée, John Le Templier
Le Breton, Mary
Le Boulanger, Ann
Blampied, George
Blampied, Philippe
du Bois, Thomas
Barette, Jean
Le Cras, Marie, née Bisson
Bailhache, Daniel
Brady, John
Philips, Jeanne, née Le Breton
Bridle, Henry James
Baker, Charles Amy
Beauvire, Eva
Bisson, Charles
Broudic, Francois
Butters, James
Turner, Alice Maud Mary, née Body
Bertrand, Auguste
Bailly, William Francis
Brée, George
Bisson, Francis Charles
Bracker, Mary
Le Cornu, Caroline, née Bluet
Le Breton, Alice Maud
Blampied, Elizabeth Ann, née Le Brun
Le Brun, Elizabeth Ann
Burke, Ellen
Baker, Patrick George
Le Breton, William
Beams, John
Brouard, Elizabeth
Brochet, Mary Ann
Bassett, Mary Elizabeth
Griffon, Philomine, née Le Borgne
Benest, Charles
Buttrick, John
Bayston, Mary, née Brady
Battam, Matilda Louisa
Bruck, Henry
Beauvu, Philip Francois
Beauvu, Emile
Beauvu, Francis
Beaujoint, Marie
Beaujoint, Francoise
Brevost, Marie
Brevost, Ernest
Brevost, Pierre
Bates, Laura Lavinia
Buckland, Alfred
Blampied, John George
de Veulle, Bessie, née Brewer
Bragg, Ellen
Basset, Mary Elizabeth
Le Brun, Henry Francis
Beaugeard, Jeanne
Barnes, Emily Jane
Billot, Jean
Bisson, Lydia Jane
Bisson, Elizabeth
Baudains, Jean
Picot, Elizabeth, née Bertram
Bisson, Philippe
Breen, Cornelius
Bruck, John Philippe
Broadhurst, Anna
Le Boutillier, Edward
Barnes, James
Boielle, Alfred George
Bihel, Esther
Dumoulin, Jane, née Le Bas
Blampied, George Francis
Boissel, Eugenie
Maddifer, Alice, née Bazille
Le Bas, Marie


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