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General Hospital Admission Register - Entries for hospital patients and inmates with surnames beginning with the letter H




January 1st 1889 - December 31st 1889


Jersey General Hospital
Health and Social Services Department
Hodge, William
Buttery, Elly Elizabeth Winnett, née Heywood
de la Haye, Harriet
Holmes, William
Hallett, Henry
de la Haye, Philippe
Hodder, Charles
May, Mary Ann, née Hinchliffe
Hinchliffe, Mary Ann
Humber, James W
Hamon, Nancy, née Huard
Hicks, George Philip
Le Huquet, Clement
Huelin, William P
Groizard, Anna Sophia, née Hawkins
Laventure, Ann M, née Hake
Hart, Clara Eliza
Pallot, Eliza, née Henri
Gaten, Eliza, née Holmes
Hurst, Eliza, née Hansford
Hurst, Alfred
Hanney, Terrance
Hay, Gustave Louis
Herman, Louise
Hamon, John Edouard
Hansford, William James
Hotton, Clement
Hotton, Clement Alfred
Hannaford, William Henry
Goldie, Helen, née Heron
Hearne, John
Hounsell, William John
Dean, Susan, née Hodge
Herbert, Edgar
Hayes, James
Huelin, Jean
Henry, Elizabeth Jane
Butler, Rachel, née Le Huquet
Hostingue, Alfred
Vibert, Henriette, née Hacquoil
Hanning, Frederick Charles
Henry, Ethel
Horner, Charles
Hillion, Jean
Herp, Mathurin
Le Huquet, George
Hodge, William Richard
Hotton, Augusta
Ledwick, Elizabeth, née Hodder


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