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General Hospital Admission Register - Entries for hospital patients and inmates with surnames beginning with the letter M




January 1st 1891 - December 31st 1891


Jersey General Hospital
Health and Social Services Department
Mildron, John
Bartlett, Elizabeth, née Masters
Ellen, Julia Alice, née Marsden
Butler, Isabella, née McBride
Spencer, Sarah Winter, née Marie
Kennedy, Catherine, née Martin
Brouard, Charlotte, née Le Moine
Milon, Marie Anne
McLinton, Rosa, née Mulholland
Dubreuil, Jeanne Marie, née Mercier
Minchin, Florence
Bennett, Sophie, née de la Mare
de la Mare, Philippe
Marett, Philippe
Mildron, Catherine
Ennis, Ellen Eliza, née Miller
Madden, Alfred
Monet, Charles
McCart, Margaret
Mauger, Alice Jane
Macfarlane, Kenny
Moignard, Francis
Pipon, Esther, née Mourant
Mourant, Joseph
Mallet, Philippe John
Malzard, Ann
Lambert, Elizabeth, née Michell
Monamy, Mary Ann
Messervy, Thomas
Battam, Elizabeth, née Le Montais
Le Moignan, Philippe John
Thomas, Jemima, née Mott
Bennett, Eliza Romeril, née Mourant
Marett, Francis
Quenault, Sophie, née Martin
Le Marquand, Edward Francis
Mitchell, William Charles
Masters, John
Carré, Eliza Emelie, née McKenna
McKenna, John Henry
Banner, Rosalie, née Martin
Morrissey, John Mitchell
Sauvage, Celestine, née Mourier
Morrison, John
Marrett, William
Minchener, Rosanna
Messervy, Juliette
Massey, James Patrick
Morcel, Joseph
Marett, James
McGrath, Thomas
McDermott, William John
McGregor, Annie
Moisson, Peter
Messervy, Jeanne
Martin, John Walter
Malenfant, Yves
Mahony, Mary
Sampson, Margaret, née Morgan
Mallet, Elias George
Mills, Victoria
Mills, Louisa
McLeod, Thomas Henry
Marett, Elie
Morranie, Jean Marie
Michel, Marie Rose
Jolin, Martha, née McCrum
Le Mat, Guillaume
McCarthy, Michael
Méjean, Pierre Marie
Marie, Philip Charles
McAllen, Alfred Osmont
Marie, Louisa Jane
Mordelet, Henri
Miller, Rose
Morvan, Philomena Marie
Moison, Pierre
Moison, Rosalie
Moison, Joseph
McCarthy, Annie
Matson, Alfred Philip
Ruff, Margaret, née McHugh
Butters, Agnes, née McArthur
Malzard, John Frederick
Duffay, Mary, née Murphy
Moses, Ernest


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