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Travel Permits issued to incoming passengers bound for Jersey from Southampton on the SS Alberta on the 2nd of September 1916

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September 2nd 1916 - September 2nd 1916


Immigration and Nationality Department
SS Alberta
Alexandre, Eunice
Armand, Augustine Sephrine
Ashton, Margaret Hulse
Ashton, Nellie
Ashton, George Herbert
Barnes, Violet
Barnsley, Carrie
Barnsley, Theodora
Barnsley, Walter
Bauche, John
Braham, Alfred Coulthard
Braham, Catherine
Braham, Rosa Louisa
Bramley, Sarah Jane
Brehaut, Muriel Clare
Le Breton, Harold Francis Knight
Burgess, Hilda Winnifred
Candy, Alice Maud
Candy, Phyllis Annie
Carter, Clarence
Collins, Stephen
Corbet, William
Corfield, Robert Edward
Cristin, Clarence Henry
Cunan, Nina
Le Dain, Arthur
Le Dain, Beryl
Le Dain, Hetta
Le Dain, Vera
Dorey, Philemon Fleure
Donaldson, Percy Port
Duffett, Tom Minchinton
Dumosch, David Clement
Elliott, Robert
Elliott, William J
Evans, Thomas Charles
Fennessey, Alice Maud
Fenton, Peter
Le Fleur, Louise Yvonne Marie Joseph
Firtts, Frank
Funnell, Donald
Funnell, Philip
Funnell, Zelie
Game, Louise Emily
Le Geyt, Alice
Gignel, Louis
Godfray, Amelia Louisa
Godfray, George C
Godfray, Rebecca
Gore, A A S
Gore, D J
Gore, James Casamaijor
Guillard, Fred McLean
Guinard, Peter
Hamilton, E C C J L, Lieutenant Colonel
Hassell, Harold Eric Douglas
Henniker-Major, Edward M
Henniker-Major, Eveline T
Henwood, Edward Frank
Hosking, Sarah Elizabeth Amy
Hossfield, Myles Wesley
Hucket, A G
Hughes, Lilian Grace
Jerrom, Ellen
Lewis, Fred
Machon, William Frederick
Malzard, Edmund Charles
Le Masurier, Mabel Harriet
Le Masurier, William Smythe
Mollet, Touzel
Mugliston, Arthur William
Mugliston, Charles Edwin Arthur Hollis
Mugliston, Emma Amelia
Mugliston, Hugh Arthur
Mugliston, Mary Elizabeth
Mugliston, Mildred Ruby Sophia
Nimmo, Robert
Noel, Philip George J
Norman, Alice
Ouless, Clarence Charles
De St Paer, Charles R
Pigott, Mary Edith
Pigott, Richard Granville
Poigndestre, Charles Alfred
Pollat, Charles
Powell, Mildred Theodora
Robb, David
Robert, Edith
Ross, George Donald
Le Rossignol, Dorothy Maude
Le Rossignol, John William
Rowe, Anna Marie
Scudamore, Aurigny
Scudamore, Cara Helen
Scudamore, Elizabeth May
Scudamore, Frederick Moore
Scudamore, Frederick William
Le Sueur, Sydney Walter
Sullivan, Jane Francis Barrington
Thomas, John
Thomas, Leslie John
Turner, Myra
Turney, Winifred May
Waldron, Ada Maude
Waldron, Lily May
Walton, Alfred John
Webber, Elizabeth
Webber, Jessie Elizabeth
Lloyd's Register of Shipping


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