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Travel Permits issued to incoming passengers bound for Jersey from Weymouth on the SS Ibex on the 15th September 1916

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September 15th 1916 - September 15th 1916


Immigration and Nationality Department
SS Ibex
Amy, Kathleen Maude
Amy, Philip
Arthur, Mabel
Bauche, Elsie Emily
Beaty, Adelaide May
Beaty, Frederick Ainsworth
Bertram, Jeannette Philomene
Bliault, May Hetty
Box, Gilbert Henry Hyatt
Bray, Charlotte
Buchanan, Ethel
Buchanan, Hermione
Burton, Albert Harold Godwin
Coutanche, Annie
Coxhead, Susan Amelia
Cran, Alice Isobel
Cran, James
Davis, Paula May
Devereux, Mary
Downer, Herbert Charles
Downer, Sydney Doman
Edwards, John
Elmore, John Oliver Surtees
Foster, Thomas Charles
Fox, Stanley, Mrs
Gifford, Edward
Gilbert, Clarence
Gilbert, Emma Maud
Hamling, Annie
Hamling, John William
Harper, Mabel Maude
Harper, Thomas Maude
Heurtaux, Madeleine
Higgins, Frances
Holgate, Leonard
Lampriere, Fredrick
Laventure, William Herbert
Lucas, John
Mirchouse, Henry G
Morgan, Ivor Rhys
Morgan, Lillian Mary Havard
Oliver, Frank
Le Poidevin, Alfred William
Price, Charles Henry
Ralland, Georges
Richardson, Cyril Tyler
Robinson, Arthur James
Russell, Blanche
Saxby, Charles Thomas
Scott, Ernest
Sedgley, Harry
Shales, Charles Alexander
Simpson, Alice Mary
Trachy, George Francis
Turner, Ross John
Vautier, Alfred John Jules
Whelan, Irene Ruth
Whiting, Charles Edwin


travel permits | immigration | soldiers | commercial travellers


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