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Travel Permits issued to incoming passengers bound for Jersey from Weymouth on the SS Ibex on the 28th September 1916

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September 28th 1916 - September 28th 1916


Immigration and Nationality Department
SS Ibex
Bartlett, Lily
Bartlett, Percy
Battrick, Thomas
Boullier, Stanley Philip
Bree, Elie
Carvenec, Emile Victor
Catelinet, Gertrude
Clark, Laurence Owen
Clarke, Minnie Jane
Noflet, Oswald Collas
Le Cornu, Elizabeth
Davey, Lilian Amenda
Dowson, Percy Victor
Dumosch, David Clement
Ebdon, Bessie
Ebdon, George Henry
Fenton, Ella Mary
Le Feuvre, May Isabelle
Forryan, John Robert
Foott, Albert George
Fraser-Tylter, Mary Rachel
Le Gresley, Jane
Guiton, Reginald Le Hardy
Harvey, Amy
Hery, Anne Marie Francoise
Hubert, Clarence S B
Job, Bernard Thomas
Job, Emma Harriet
Job, Thomas
Kennedy, Malcolm William
Kirby, Nelson
Labey, Francis Catherine Mary
Labey, George Thomas
Le Lievre, Frederick William Stamp
Mallet, Annie
Marks, Vera
Messervy, Marion
Le Mottee, Anna Marie
Phillips, Elizabeth Anne
Phillips, Weardale
Poole, Frances Marie
Priaulx, Walter John
Pritchard, Eleanor Conington Loft
Quenault, Philip Peter
Quick, Douglas Hamilton
Le Révérend, Louisa
Robinson, Hazel S
Samson, Alice Jane
Savage, Charlotte Jane
Simon, Marie Annette
Sinclair, Arthur Henry
Spear, Ethel Florence
Spikes, Thomas Richard
Teague, Rose
Tompknox, James Frederick
Touzel, Frank George
Turner, Alweyne
Turner, Violet Frances
Turpin, Adolphus
Usher, Alfred Henry
Vautier, Alfred John Dutot
Vautier, Clarence George
Ward, Michael Foster Bruce


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