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Travel Permits issued to incoming passengers bound for Jersey from Southampton on the SS Alberta on the 5th October 1916

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October 5th 1916 - October 5th 1916


Immigration and Nationality Department
SS Alberta
Adams, Edward
Alexandre, John James
Aubert, Cecilia
Bahaire, Francis
Bahaire, Frank
Bahaire, Selina Augustine
Bailey, William Walter
Bates, Henry
Beaty, William Alfred Leon
Benest, Philip Durell
Best, William Charles George
Bichard, Clive Lamech
Bichard, John
Bond, James Richard
Brown, Frank Ernest
Buesnel, Clement
Buttfield, Marsom
De La Chapelle, Anne
De La Chapelle, Bernard
Cobley, Walter Harry
Clozier, Leo
Cobley, Walter St John
Croucher, William Thomas
Dodge, Louisa Violet
Dodge, William John
Evans, Albert Parker
Falle, John Robert
Le Feuvre, Robert
Frampton, Tom Henry Trevethan
Gow, Henry Lincoln
Green, Ena Louise
Green, Margaret Edith
Harvey, Frederick William
de la Haye, Alfred
Laisney, Hilda
Holley, Edward
Huchet, G J
Jehan, Frank
Lamy, Eva
Laventure, William Herbert
Lepetit, Matilda
Long, Wilfrid
Malherbe, Francis John
McDermott, Mary
McKenzie, Annie
McKernon, Annie
Morrissey, Hilda Cecilia
Muckley, William James
Nicolle, Elvina
O'Hanlon, Pauline
Patch, James Walter
Perrio, Anna
Phillips, Charles
Phillips, Ethel
Phillips, Gertrude
Phillips, Winnifred
Picard, Gabriel
Pirouet, Eva Mabel
Purdon, Alfred Edward
Reilly, William
Reynolds, Ellen E S
Rice, Robert William
Robinson, Hazel
Moy, Joseph Marie
Romeril, William Charles
Stoodley, J
Swones, Ruby Ethel
Syvret, Philip
Dubois, Louis Joseph
Dubois, Louise Perrin
Turner, Annie
Walden, Gladys E Lewarn
Waters, Walter James
Weeks, William Charles
HMS Queen Elizabeth
Royal Army Medical Corps


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