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Travel Permits issued to incoming passengers bound for Jersey from Southampton on the SS Alberta on the 7th of November 1916

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November 7th 1916 - November 7th 1916


Immigration and Nationality Department
SS Alberta
Alexander, James Philip
Bannier, Goss
Beaty, George Henry Shaw
Bell, Charles Paul
Bevis, Augusta Sophia
Camp, Anna Henrietta
Carter, Charles Isaac
Chantaill, William Ernest
Channing, William James
Chick, John Frederick
Cook, Francis
Corbet, Cyril
Corbet, Eunice Julia
Le Cras, Frank
Craven, Mabel
Davy, Charles Henry
Dearlove, Charles Joseph
Delamott, Tom
Dorsett, Thomas
Finch, Joseph Thomas
Frost, Jon Henry
Le Gallais, Carlyle
Gallichan, Annie Isabelle
Gauvey, Ernest Edward
de Gruchy, John Thomas
Gilbert, Louisa
Hailstone, Caroline Elfrida Sayers
Hailstone, Mary Eleanor
Hall, Cecil Arthur
Halliwell, Annie Harrison
Harris, Nathaniel
Hinds, David John William
Hoar, John William
Le Huray, Agnes Mary
Joulliot, Louis
Jones, Henry David
Lakeman, Arthur William
Langawer, Clifford
Maisonneuve, Leon
Masters, Henry Albert
Merrix, Donald
Miller, Ernest Edward Seymour
O'Brien, Munro Tom
Ozard, John
Paterson, James Henry
Pitman, Emma Mildred
Rogers, Cecil George
Samuel, Graham
Sharp, Annie
Soper, Mary Ellen
Soper, William
Hookey, Harry George
Trimborn, Louis
Tucker, Harry Leonard
Vincent, David Patton
Wautlet, Maurice
White, Henry Moorcroft
Young, Herbert Lewis
Royal Army Medical Corps


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