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Travel Permits issued to incoming passengers bound for Jersey from Southampton on the SS Alberta on the 18th of November 1916

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November 18th 1916 - November 18th 1916


Immigration and Nationality Department
SS Alberta
Allen, Charles
Aubert, Charles
Baker, Clement Telfer
Barbet, Marie
Batho, Clifford Henry
Roy, Miriam Fanny
Begley, James Herbert
Bertram, Charles S
Bevis, Ernest Adam
Boobyer, Reginald
Broughton, Frank
Buck, Frederick
Cameron, William Henry
Campbell, Kenneth Jeffrey Rankin
Carrington, Evan Murray
Cooper, Walter Henry
Corfield, Reginald
Cotillard, P D
Cowley, Alfred George
Cropper, Celestine
Cropper, Edward Scott
Curtis, Eleanor Margaret
Deighton, William Augustus
Duffett, Lilian Maude
Duhamel, George
Aubin, Charles Walter Duret
Ellis, Joseph Johnson
Everleigh, W
Fraser, Thomas
Du Feu, Sydney J
Gallichan, Walter
Gandy, Maria
Gandy, Monica Hayward
Gavins, John
Gell, F
Godfray, Everard Charles
Greenaway, John Dee
Gregory, Arthur Edwin
Le Gros, Lily Mary
de Gruchy, Adolphus
Harris, Frank
Hamon, Snowdon Thomas
Healey, Michael T
Hicks, Ernest Richard
Hillis, William
Hincks, Elizabeth Mary
Hubert, Samuel George
Ilett, Edward
Jandron, Stephanie Violet
Joiner, Lionel Albert Edward
Kiln, William Charles John
Lakey, William
Lanyon, Celestine
Legg, Charles
Luce, Philip
MacNally, William
Marett, Kathleen
Marett, Colleen
Mollet, Charles
Norman, Mabel Florence
Pallot, Winter John
Du Parcq, H
Poingdestre, L H
Robins, Arthur
Le Scelleur, John Phillipe
Sheldrake, Samuel Ernest
Sivewright, Dorothy V N
Sivewright, Mabyn H J
Le Sueur, Reginald George
Toovey, Kennedy
Trachy, J
Tressard, Francis
Vautier, Reginald
Vardon, Evangeline Ada
Walsh, Nora
Walden, Gladys Emma Lewarn
Wareham, Alfred
Whiting, Annie May
Wing, Thomas Edward
Wright, Percival


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