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Travel Permits issued to incoming passengers bound for Jersey from Southampton on the SS Alberta on the 25th of November 1916

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November 25th 1916 - November 25th 1916


Immigration and Nationality Department
SS Alberta
Amy, Francis
Andrews, Charlie Clifford
Berthoud, Isabel
Berthoud, Joseph
Berthoud, Marion Isabel
Bills, Robert Henry
Bird, Louisa
Bird, Ruby
Bison, Harold
Blanchard, Benjamin
Boleat, John Ernest
Bowdidge, William
Michel, John Buesnel
Carry, William Layman
Chevert, Trephine
Clarke, William
Cockburn-Mercer, T H
Collas, Cyril Austin
Collis, Charles
Corniere, Peter F
Coulthard, Richard
Dennis, Samuel
Desborough, Herbert
Devonshire, Edwin Thomas
Dickson, Thomas Oliver
Dorey, J E
Draper, Charles
Ecobichon, Percy Raymond
Ecobichon, Sidney John
Falla, Arthur
French, William Riley
Goble, James
Gasnier, J B
Gooding, Lily Maud
De Gruchy, Philip
Hall, Harold Edward
Hamon, Alfred Charles
Hamon, Percy Winter
Hancock, William Hugh Mundy
Hardy, John
Harris, Wilfred Ernest
Heald, Frank
Hibbs, Charles Henry
Tugwell, Lewen Greenwood
Lawrence, Edwin Jandron
Johnson, Arthur Brook
Johnson, Laura Lilian
Kelling, William Francis
Kimbell, Alfred Edward
Langford, Charles
Laventure, William Herbert
Lovett, Ernest Neville
Lovett, John Percival Willoughby
Maistre, Henrie Louis
Le Masurier, Charles
Moses, Mary Elizabeth
McGrath, Nellie
McLennon, Ada
Michel, Marie Blanche née Cabot
Nation, Ivy Oclanis
O'Brien, Marguerite
O'Brien, William
Parnall, William Seldon
Parker, Ernest Edward
Parrott, George William
Peek, Gladys Constance
Peek, Margaret Alice Corbin
Picot, Philip John
Pooley, George
Potier, Emile
Ralph, William Henry
Ransom, Harry
Rudy, Walter Frederick
Richards, Percy Charles
Shawe, Anne Harriet
Shea, Ernest Charles
Sprott, Maurice William Campbell
Stonelake, James
Tetley, Alfred Herbert
Lory, Frederick
Vautier, Alfred John Dutot
Vautier, Frank
Wakelin, Henry Isaac
Walton, Alfred Edwin
Williams, Tomas
Woodrow, Henry
Royal Naval Air Service
Royal Militia Island of Jersey


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