Programme for entertainment at the West Park Pavilion featuring a charity ball in the presence of Her Royal Highness, Princess Margaret starring Anne Shelton, Eric Robinson, George Clouston, David Hughes, Jack Warner, June Merlin, Georges Ulmer and The Leslie Roberts Silhouettes including dancing, cabaret, a firework display from Elizabeth Castle. The programme also provides a full list of those who were in attendance, with some attendees also signing their names in the back of the programme.




June 25th 1959


Albright, A G
Alexander, J
Alexander, Mrs
Allo, A A
Allo, Mrs
Allport, N A
Allport, Mrs
Ambrose, Benjamin Baruch
Andre, B
Andre, Mrs
Anstey, M
Anstey, Mrs
Anthoine, Mrs
Anthoine, T D
Aubert, B C
Aubert, N A
Averty, D S
Baal, K A, Deputy
Baal, Mrs
Baker, G
Barnes, A H, Major
Barnes, Mrs
Barr, G
Barr, Mrs
Bates, Mr
Bates, Mrs
BBC Theatre Orchestra
Becquet, E J
Becquet, Mrs
Beghin, M
Beghin, Mrs
Bell, J
Berthelot, A
Berthelot, Mrs
Bertrand, F
Bertrand, Mrs
Bessieres, J
Bessieres, Mrs
Beveridge, Mrs
Beveridge, P H
Biddle, B R
Biddle, Mrs
Binnington, B
Binnington, Mrs
Birt, St J
Birt, Mrs
Bisson, B Le C
Bisson, J C
Bisson, Mrs
Blampied, Mrs
Blampied, R W
Blue Rockets Dance Orchestra
Boardman, J T
Boardman, Mrs
Boardman, V A
Boielle, A
Bollington, Mrs
Bollington, R
Bouiller, J W
Boulton, Edward, Sir
Boulton, Lady
Breakwell, J
Brett, N F
Bridgeman, Mr
Bridgeman, Mrs
Bright, C
Bright, Mrs
British European Airways Corporation
Bull, A E
Bull, Mrs
Bull, P
Burnard, E M
Burnard, J B
Burnard, Mrs
Burne, B
Burns, L
Burton, B L
Burton, Mrs
Butcher, F
Butcher, Mrs
Candlin, G A
Candlin, Mrs
Cave, Paul
Challinor, W E
Challinor, Mrs
Chambers, I L
Chambers, Mrs
Chamier, A T
Chamier, Mrs
Chapman, Mrs
Chapman, R F
Charrington, Mrs
Charrington, R
Clarke, A M
Clarke, J
Clarke, Mrs
Clouston, George
Coleman, P J C
Coleman, Mrs
Combe, R
Cooke, R
Cooper, G
Cooper, Mrs
Copp, A H
Copp, Mrs
Cotton, Billy
Cowley, P
Countrymen's Club
Cronshaw, A, Deputy
Cronshaw, Mrs
Crosthwaite, J B, Major
Crosthwaite, Mrs
Curran, D V
Curran, Mrs
Cutland, G
Cutland, Mrs
Cutler, O E H
Cutler, Mrs
Darnell, Jeff
Davison, J
Davison, Mrs
Dawson, P
Dawson, Mrs
Day, J
Day, J S
Day, Mrs
de Caux, Mrs
de Caux, P
de la Villeon, Madame
de la Villeon, Y
de Las Casas, Mrs
de Las Casas, O M B, Lieutenant Commander
Delfont, Lord
Dickinson, A S H
Dickinson, Mrs
Dickson, P A, Major
Dickson, Mrs
Dobson, F S A, Major
Dobson, Mrs
Drake-Brockman, Mrs
du Feu, C A R
Du Feu, Mrs
Dubras, L
Dubras, Mrs
Dunn, J
Dupre, C S, Deputy
Dupre, Mrs
Edwards, M Ashton
Edwards, Mrs
Ellison, O M
Ereaut, H F C
Ereaut, Mrs
Erskine, George, Sir
Erskine, Lady
Erskine, P, Captain
Erskine, R
Evans, Captain
Evans, Mrs
Everton, C
Everton, Mrs
Fair, R L
Fair, Mrs
Falla, I M
Feldman, L
Feldman, Mrs
Firth, Brigadier
Firth, Mrs
Forsyth, J S
Forsyth, Mrs
Freedman, B L
Freedman, Mrs
Fuller, F I
Fuller, Mrs
Gabriel, H E H
Gabriel, Mrs
George, B H
George V, King of Great Britain and Ireland, 1910-1936
Gibaut, G Le B
Gibaut, Mrs
Gill, C
Gill, F J
Gill, Mrs
Gilson, E A
Glen-Coats, Lady
Glendinning, F
Glendinning, Mrs
Godfray, F
Goodwin, L
Gould, L M
Gould, Mrs
Grenelli, F
Grenelli, Mrs
Griffiths, G
Griffiths, H L
Griffiths, Mrs
Grimshaw, J A
Grimshaw, Mrs
Gruchy, C
Gruchy, Mrs
Guilliard, Mrs
Guilliard, S C
Hall, Mrs
Hall, O
Halliwell, A C
Halliwell, Mrs
Hamon, G H
Hamon, Mrs
Harrison, A B
Harrison, C S
Harrison, J A P, Group-Captain
Harrison, Kathleen
Harrison, Mrs
Harrison, S
Harverson, G
Harverson, George
Hendry, D G
Hendry, Mrs
Hill, Benny
Hill, G
Hill, Mrs
Hodge, Mrs
Hodge, R C M
Holland, B
Holland, J W
Holland, Mrs
Holland, R A
Holt, D M
Holt, Mrs
Hooker, J R
Hooker, Mrs
Hope, Bob
Houillebecq, D
Houillebecq, Mrs
Houston, J
Hughes, David
Hughes, J
Jackson, K
Jackson, Mrs
Janes, Mrs
Janes, N
Jenkins, L G
Jenkins, Mrs
Jersey Green Room Club
Jersey Hotel and Guest House Association
Jersey Young Farmers Club
Jersey, Countess of
Jersey, Earl of
Jeune, Mrs
Jeune, R R
Job, Mrs
Job, R G H
Johnson, E D H
Johnson, Gwendolyn
Johnson, Mrs
Jones, Mrs
Jones, W S
Kearsey, Mrs
Kearsey, R M
King, I
Kirkham, A W
Kirkham, Mrs
Kjolaas, Hans
Knight, G
Knight, Mrs
Krichefski, Wilfred Harold, Senator
Krichefski, Mrs
Labesse, J
Labesse, M, Doctor
Labesse, Madame
Labey, Mrs
Labey, R E
Labey, W P
Langley, A H
Langley, Mrs
Langlois, A G
Langlois, Mrs
Lapidus, Mrs
Lapidus, S H A
Lawrence, H J
Lawrence, Mrs
Le Boutillier, F, Senator
Le Boutillier, Mrs
Le Breton, G
Le Brocq, A D
Le Brocq, Mrs
Le Caille, A B
Le Caille, Mrs
Le Cornu, M
Le Gallais, F
Le Gallais, J
Le Gallais, Mrs
Le Lievre, G
Le Lievre, Mrs
Le Maistre, C
Le Maistre, Mrs
Le Marinel, Mrs
Le Marinel, T G, Senator
Le Marquand, C, Senator
Le Marquand, Mrs
Le Masurier, Mrs
Le Masurier, R H
Le Moignan, S R
Le Quelenec, M
Le Sueur, D
Le Sueur, G
Le Sueur, Mrs
Legh, Francis M
Lempriere, Mrs
Lempriere, R
Lillicrap, J
Linton, H
Linton, Mrs
Lipton, Sidney
Lockett, C E S, Air Commodore
Lockett, Mrs
Longstreeth, G
Longstreeth, Mrs
Louth, Lady
Louth, Lord
Lynn, Vera
Machon, M
Manley-Casimir, E R
Manley-Casimir, Mrs
Mann, B
Mantovani, Annunzio Paolo
Margaret, Princess
Mary, Queen, Consort of George V
Marriott, Mrs
Marriott, R S
Marshman, H
Marshman, Mrs
Martin, N M
Mathieson, A
Mathieson, Mrs
Mauger, F
Mauger, Mrs
Mayes, M
McCarthy, M J M, Deputy
McCarthy, Mrs
McGaw, A J T, Lieutenant-Colonel
McGaw, Mrs
McGregor, D
McMahon, Patrick, Sir
McNicol, J D
McNicol, Mrs
Merlin, June
Miller, J, Lieutenant
Mitchell, H
Mitchell, Mrs
Mourant, H de C
Mourant, Mrs
Muir, Graeme
Nerou, J
New, Derek
Nicholas, B H R
Nicholas, Mrs
Nicholas, R
Nixon, J E
Noel, E
O'Connor, B J
O'Connor, V
O'Nion, E
O'Nion, Mrs
Oliver, J R
Onions, J E
Onions, Mrs
Padgham, F N
Padgham, Mrs
Pain, C G
Pain, Mrs
Parkinson, Mr
Parkinson, Mrs
Payn, K J
Payn, Mrs
Payn, W B
Peake, Iris
Pemberton, E
Pemberton, Mrs
Picot, H
Picot, L A
Picot, M
Picot, Madge N
Picot, Mrs
Picot, T
Plymen, H R
Plymen, Mrs
Pomeroy, J
Pomeroy, Mrs
Porteous, C
Potter, E J M
Radcliffe, F
Rae, F
Rattenbury, J
Ray, Ted
Rennolds, D
Rennolds, Mrs
Renouf, J F
Renouf, Mrs
Resch, V
Reynolds, A
Riches, A T M
Riches, Mrs
Rider, K
Roake, J
Roberts, Leslie
Roberts, R
Roberts, Rita
Robin, G J, Captain
Robin, Mrs
Robinson, Eric
Robinson, Stanford
Rogers, Ginger
Ronald, Mrs
Ronald, R W
Ross-Gower, Mrs
Ross-Gower, R W
Ryan, D
Ryan, D W
Ryan, Mrs
Ryan, V
Sangan, L
Sangan, Mrs
Sangan, R L
Scott, K
Scott, Mrs
Scott-Murray, K
Scott-Murray, Mrs
Scott-Worthington, Mrs
Scott-Worthington, W
Scriven, A J
Scriven, Mrs
Sexton, L M
Seymour, D
Seymour, G F
Seymour, Mrs
Shelton, Anne
Short, H K, Lieutenant-Colonel
Short, Mrs
Sidney, E C
Smith, R
Spence, Johnnie
St Vincent, Viscount
St Vincent, Viscountess
Standish, Mrs
Starling, Brigadier
Starling, Mrs
States of Jersey Public Works Committee
Stephenson, Mrs
Stephenson, P
Stevens, G
Stevenson, Lou
Stoke-Hughes, H A
Stoke-Hughes, Mrs
Stone, Lew
Syvret, C A
Syvret, K
Syvret, Mrs
Tafler, Mrs
Tafler, R
Tanguy, C P
Tanguy, D
Tendall, Mrs
Tendall, R E F
The Leslie Roberts Silhouettes (Dancers)
Thomas, M L
Thomas, Mrs
Thompson, John
Thompson, K
Thornley, A E
Thurlow, Lord, Major-General
Tisdel, T
Tomes, Mrs
Tomes, V A
Trigg, Mr
Trigg, Mrs
Troy, A E O'D
Troy, G, Senator
Troy, M D
Troy, Mrs
Ulmer, Georges
Vint, J
Vint, Mrs
Voisin, G F
Voisin, Mrs
Walton, J A B
Walton, Mrs
Wardlaw-Milne, John, Sir
Wardlaw-Milne, Lady
Warner, Jack
Watkis, H L, Lieutenant-Colonel
White, B M
White, Mrs
Williams, L
Williams, Mrs
Woolley, W S, Lieutenant-Colonel
Wooldridge, W N C, Reverend


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