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Travel Permits issued to incoming passengers bound for Jersey from Southampton on the SS Alberta on the 22nd of December 1916

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December 22nd 1916 - December 22nd 1916


Immigration and Nationality Department
SS Alberta
Ahier, Gaston Alexander
Allain, Alphonse
Amy, Godfray
Arthur, Edmund
Asplet, Sidney James
Beaugie, Henry William
Beckford, Edwin William
Belle, Christine May Yvonne
Boulanger, Frederick
Bowles, Alice Spencer
Bowles, Samuel
Le Breton, Walter
Britton, Jack
Le Brocq, Laurence Francis
Butel, Louisa B Adelina
Callaghan, Richard
Cashel, James
Chadzko, Francis John Anthony
Choux, Annie
Cohu, Maud Elsie
Coles, John William
Cotillard, Peter
Copp, Beatrice Rose
Croad, William Herbert
Crosbie, Henry
Cudlipp, Elsie Maud
Cudlipp, Florence Jane
Le Dain, Arthur Henry
Dawe, John
Donoghue, William Henry
Dutot, Adeline Helen
Lenfant, Stanley Hacquoil
Falla, Frederick
Farley, James Edward
Faucett, Lawrence William
Fentums, Albert Henry
Flynn, James
Flynn, Michael Edward
Gallichan, Walter
Garnier, Francis John
Gibsone, Edward
Glendewar, G F
Glover, Charles Henry
Goodyear, Richard
Gosselin, Earnest
Green, Arthur Charles
Le Gros, Thomas
Gross, David
Hack, Charles
Hake, Arthur John
Hall, William Harold
Hamling, Arthur James
Hamon, Ernest Herbert
Hampton, Lilian May
Hannay, Peter William
Harding, J H
Harper, Flora
Hartley, Stephen Barrell
Herbert, E
Hoar, Charles Walter
Holmes, Florence Lucie
Horton, Percival
Hotton, Alfred Edward
Howard, Robert Vernon
Journeaux, Arthur
Journeaux, Henry Francis
Journeaux, Thomas Winter
Kelling, Phillip William
Kerry, Sidney
Labey, Philip Amy
Lakeman, Arthur William
Langlois, George Alfred
Lescaudey, Archibald George
Lillicrap, Harry William
Lion, Marthe Berthe
Madeley, Dora
Mahony, John
Le Maistre, Helena
Mandley, Mary
Mash, Sydney Charles
Masterman, Ernest William
Le Masurier, Edith Annie
Le Moignan, Clarence Sidney
Le Monnier, Elias John
Moody, Edwin William George
Moody, George Augustus
Moody, George William
Moody, Richard James
Norris, Leonard
Nerou, Louis
O'Connor, Roderic Stafford
Le Sueur, Sydney
Le Sueur, Raulin
Osment, Earnest Richard
Palmer, Alec George Edward
Parouty, Louis
Purkis, Frederick James
Picot, Stanley John
Piquet, Jean
Renouf, Dennis
Renouf, Maud Isobell
Reynolds, Claude
Richards, Alfred
Richards, Reuben
Le Riche, Adolphus James
Roberts, Kathleen Mary
Rodda, Henry William
Romeril, Francis George
Ross, Cecil Malcolm
Le Seelleur, Eunice
Sinclair, Leslie Edith
Le Sueur, Philip Francis
Southern, Robert
Stamberg, Arthur Clement
Tardival, Peter
Thorne, Charles Thomas
Toms, Humphrey Woodland
Tostevin, Herbert Charles
Varaillon, Joseph
Vibert, George Philip
Watkins, Thomas Henry John
Ware, Denys Charles
Cobley, Walwyn St Clare
White, Olive Blanch
Willmott, George Arthur
Wray, Edward Albert


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