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Travel Permits issued to incoming passengers bound for Jersey from Weymouth on the SS Ibex on the 24th of December 1916

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December 24th 1916 - December 24th 1916


Immigration and Nationality Department
SS Ibex
Allan, Joseph David
Arthur, Walter
Badman, Gladys Louisa
Bates, Hoshanna May
Bang, Louisa Margaret
Battrick, May
Baudains, Arthur La Croix
Baudains, Herbert Leonard
Bisson, Laurence Adolphus
Brassel, James
Briard, Edward Luce
Card, Ernest Stuart
Le Cocq, Louie
Colbeck, Edith
Collas, Charles John
Le Cornu, Kathryn
Conway, Alfred Henry
Coombs, Amice
Cooney, James
Coutanche, Alexander Moncrieff
Cutler, Stuart Le Geyt, Captain
Darcel, John Francis
Daubert, Emma
Daubert, George
Dorkins, Jessie Grace
Edmunds, William
Falle, Edith de Carteret
de Faye, Katherine Mary
Filleul, Dudley Scarborough Atteleyn
Filleul, Violet May
Gallichan, Philip Jisse
Gaudin, Ernest Thomas
Gent, Marguerite Lois
Grisel, Victor
Godfray, Sydney Charles
Gosling, William Robert
Le Gros, Percy
Le Gros, Mildred Gertrude
Groundsell, Percy
Hartley, Mary Hannah
Heath, Christopher James
Hervieu, Helene Alice
Vautier, Herbert Adolphus
Higgins, Florence Mary
Higgins, Kathleen Louise
Hill, Florence Clara Louisa
Hitchcock, Wilfred John
Honeycombe, Gussie Annie Doris
Houelbecq, Francis William
Isherwood, Winifred
Jolliffe, Charles
Journeaux, Edward William
Landick, Stanley Theodore
Landick, Mildred Eunice, née Le Masurier
Leale, Elizabeth
Lamerton, Henry Robert
Le Lievre, Violet
Leale, Henry
Luce, Emmeline Jessica
Mahony, Edith
Le Marquand, Edith May
Marrett, William George
McFall, James
McFall, Maurus
Mossop, Charles Stanley
Neil, Donald Percival
Nerou, Edmund
Nicolle, Thomas Philip
O'Brien, William
Partridge, Henry Charles
Picot, Oscar Alfred
Sebire, Frances
Samson, Roy Gilbert
Sebire, Peter
Shales, Charles Alexander
Shales, Kattey
Sheriff, John George Henry
Sheriff, Hilda Ellen Ann
Simon, Samuel
Slaughter, Winifred Gladys
Le Sueur, Bessie Matilda
Le Sueur, Lucille
Touzel, John Charles
Tierney, Winifred May
Touzel, Helda
Touzel, George
Torpy, Gladys Maud
Torpy, Wilfred John
Varaillon, William
Le Vesconte, Winter
White, Harry


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