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Travel Permits issued to incoming passengers bound for Jersey from Weymouth on the SS Ibex on the 31st of December 1916

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December 31st 1916 - December 31st 1916


Immigration and Nationality Department
SS Ibex
Bartlett, Gladys Maud
Bartlett, Herbert George
Bates, Elizabeth Queree
Baxter, James
Boucher, Hubert
Cain, Robert
Cane, Herbert John
Catto, William George
Clive, Isabel Kathleen
Le Cocq, Edward Thomas Giles
Copp, William
Coutanche, John
Cowey, Thomas
Davis, Francis Arthur
Dunn, William
Felton, Dorothy Maxwell
Foney, Morris
Frost, Ivor Henry
Gallie, Ailsa
Giddy, Eric Cawood
Giffard, Oliver Henry
Goodman, Barnett
Hamon, Walter Francis
Harper, Flora
Heron, Helen Beqq
Heron, John
Holley, Edward
Holley, John Philip Arthur
Le Huquet, Mrs
Hunt, Adele
Tew, Reginald Herbert Maude
Kennedy, Thomas
Landick, Arthur Herbert
Laurens, Francis John
Laurens, Herbert
Luxton, George James
Le Maistre, Harold John
Le Maistre, Ivy
Le Maistre, J
Mallet, Ernest Alexander
McOwan, William Townsend
Mill, William Henry
Moses, Percy Leat
Norman, Frank
O'Connor, Roderic Stratford
Olden, William
Parker, Edward
Philpot, Edward Benjamin
Reed, Edith
Reed, Harold George
Richards, Harry George
Richardson, Edward Frank
Le Riche, Charles John
De Veulle, Clarence James
Voole, Clarence George
Walker, George Goold
Walker, Lilian Sophie
White, George
Youngman, Albert Edward


travel permits | immigration | soldiers | Sailors | commercial travellers | Weymouth


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