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Travel Permits issued to incoming passengers bound for Jersey from St Malo on the SS Victoria on the 22nd August 1917

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August 22nd 1917 - August 22nd 1917


Immigration and Nationality Department
SS Victoria
Allo, Christophe
Amette, Louis
Amette, Peter Francis
Bedell, Frank
Bellee, Jean
Bidel, Marie
Le Borgne, Jean
Boucher, Marie
Boucher, Marie Louise
Bouqueho, François
Chamonin, Antoine Victor Pierre Christophe
Chamonin, Josephine Eugenie
de Chenville, Blanche
Croux, Louis Marie
Dubure, Justine
Gouvir, Jean August
Godard, Madame
Gregory, Edwin S
Gregory, Eliza
Grandin, John Charles
Gullient, Joseph
Guillot, Paul
Hyde, Thomas William
Judeaux, Henri
Guines, Madame
Legouise, Florence
Legouise, Marie
Lemaine, Jen
Leroy, Mathilde
Lummis, Clara Ethel
Mevel, Marie Theresa
Le Mottee, Ada
Le Mottee, Oliver
Norman, Arthur John
Patin, François
Paux, Marie
Perkins, Frederick Herbert
Peyralade, Gaston
Pilet, Raymond
Poligny, Achille
Portalis, Suzanne
Potin, René
Pouplet, Jean
Reynolds, Marie
Robin, Aimable
Robin, Marie
Robin, Marie Louise
Poulain, Marie Louise
de Rosbo, Alain
Smith, Louise Anne
Selous, Robert
Vitel, Marie Reine
Wiart, Laure


travel permits | immigration | St Malo | Farmers | soldiers


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