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Travel Permits completed by people leaving Jersey for Southampton on the 14th of May 1919

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May 14th 1919 - May 14th 1919


Immigration and Nationality Department
Allan, Thomas
Ashcroft, Humphry John William
Benest, Snowdon
Blampied, Reginald John
Boielle, Marie
Carson, Robert Wilson
Cavey, Mabel Sarah
Cavey, Sydney John
Chateauvieux, Lise
Clancy, James
Claude, Beatrice
Le Clercq, Donald Alfred
Le Cornu, Mary
Le Cornu, Thomas Ernest
Le Cornu, Thomas Harold
Cornwell, John
Cox, Edward
Cuming, Charles
Cuming, Jessie
Cuming, George
Cuming, Keith
Curwood, John Chambers
Despart, Emile
Driscoll, Annie Eliza
Durffett, Dorothy Stella Minchinton
Duffett, Lilian Maude
Eves, Oswald Telford
Ferguson, Kathleen Dyson
Ferguson, Peter
Fleming, Eleanor Grace
Fleming, John
Gallichan, George
Gosling, Fernly William Tabb
Gosling, Lucie Marceline
Gregory, Lydia
Grison, Emile
de Guerin, Frederick William
Guppy, Eliza
Hamon, Constance Alice
Hamon, Helen Louise
Hamon, P J
Harity, Rose Lavinia
Harris, John Charles
Hawksley, Phyllis
Hawksley, Thomas Edwin
Heron, Helen Begg
Heron, John
Hollings, George Albert
Hornby, Gerard
Hudd, Mary Rosina
Hunt, Adolphus
Hunt, Charles Francis
Janké, Fred
Jean, Albert William Hubert
De Jersey, Alice Mary
Jones, John Daniel
Kirk, Josephine
Jane, Frederick William Knight
Laventure, William Herbert
Mackay, Catherine Lamy
Marks, Abraham
Matthews, Lydia
McQuone, Laura Sophia
McQuone, Madge
Moor, Arthur
Morris, John Le Cornu
Smith, Robert Osborne
Philbrick, Florence Ada
Philips, Ada J
Piquet, Frédéric George
Renouf, Mark
Robert, Adolphus Charles
Rochfort-Luke, Edith Jane
Rochfort-Luke, Henry
Le Rosignol, Lewis Pearson
Russell, Blanche
Sarre, Phoebe Elsie
Scoones, Annie
Scoones, Kathleen Mordaunt
Scott, Florence N
Smith, John Auger
Smith, Lydia
Stevens, Horace William P
Stivey, Alfred Edward
Teed, Richard
Teed, Félicie
Toms, Emily
Toms, Frederick Woodlands
Voce, Robert Frederick
Walford, William John
Walshe, Evelyn Willson
Wicks, William
Worke, Anna Watson
Worke, Evelyn Mary


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