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Travel Permits completed by people leaving Jersey for Guernsey and Southampton on the 24th of May 1919

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May 24th 1919 - May 24th 1919


Immigration and Nationality Department
Alexander, Ada
Alexander, Ada May
Arthur, John Philip
Aubert, Rosie May
Baillie, Bertha
Baillie, Robert
Baker, Kathleen
Baker, Rosalie Marie Louise
Beasley, James
Beckett, Leonard Arthur
Berlyn, Burnett
Le Breton, Arthur Thomas
Blakeman, Trevor Ramsey
de Bourcier, Philip George
Bowen, Susie
Bowman, William Hetherington
Le Boutillier, Edward G
Le Boutillier, Mary Jane
Brookman, Walter
Bull, William John
Chammings, Michael James
Chare, Edward John
Clayton, Harry
Le Cocq, Hilda Cecilia
Le Cocq, Lilian
Cornish, Charles
Costello, Mary
D'Arthenay, Alberta Louise
Davey, Olive Florence
Devernay, William
Donaldson, Cornelius Henry
Dubras, Charles Edward
Duchemin, Sarah Elizabeth
Edge, Edith
Edge, Kathleen
Edge, Richard
Edge, Richard Victor
Fenn, William
Ferguson, Frederick William Temple
Furley, Walter William
Gibaut, Jane Ann
Gill, Harry
Glegg, Douglas Hobrow
Glegg, Mary Farquhar
Goodband, Millicent Alice
Gray, Annie Maud
Greener, Catherine Gladys
Hardy, Henry Stewart, Major
Hardy, Catherine Augusta Victoria
Hardy, Charles
Hardy, Olive
Harrison, Thomas Perrin
Hase, Ernest Albert
Delahaye, Harriet
Heather, William
Hemming, Agnes Maude
Hogarth, Thomas S
Holding, John Cheslyn
Le Houx, Francis John Jordan
Howard, Ada Ann
Howard, Hetty
Howard, Edgar
Hubert, Francis John
Jarnet, Alice Mary
Jones, Evelyn Gertrude
Johnson, Mary Winifred
Johnstone, Charles Edward
Johnstone, Kathleen Crawford
Jordan, Arthur George
Labey, Francis Catherine Mary
Labey, George Thomas
Bengal Pilot Service
Leeks, Mabel Gertrude
Leeks, Alfred
Lewis, Thomas
Leverder, Louise Frances
Longfield, Walter Vincent
Madden, Evelyn Francis
Madden, Louis John
Randall, Charles Walter
Mauger, Elizabeth
Mauger, Frank
Mauger, Mary
Mauton, Kevitt William
Marett, Arthur Philip
Marett, John
Martyn, William
McLeod, Helena Mary
McLeod, Henry Frederick
Meade, Harry Edward
Meade, Marion
Morley, William John
Morrissey, Edward Michael
Nichols, Ernest St Clair
Norris, Annie
Norris, Hubert Charles
Ovens, David
Ovens, R D
Parker, Frederick
Pasfield, Joseph Alexander
Payter, Mina Emily
Perrin, Winifred
Pitcher, Albert Cahill
Pierpoint, Clarinder
Priestley, Joseph L
Poingdestre, Edith May
Poingdestre, Irene May
Pope, Lilian Catherine
Pope, William Wilson
Randall, Ellen
Redman, William Samuel
Renault, Ethel Lydia
Renault, John Earnest
Renouf, Arthur John
Le Riche, Alfred John Philip
Le Riche, Millie Asplet
Robin, Osmond
Scorell, David Wiliams
United States Army
Le Seeleur, Linda
Sewell, George
Sheldon, Montague Otto
Sheppard, William Hubert
Shone, Nancy
Smith, Day
Smith, Violet Rosa Catherine Elizabeth
Smithson, William Walling
Sohier, Florence Adeline
Spurrier, Alice Mary
Steele, Elinor Jessie
Stickley, Amy Emily
Stickley, George Dearden
Stokoe, Frederick Matthew
Stone, Lilian Myra Le Breton
Strutt, Arthur James
Stuart, James Joseph
Stripp, Hannah Elizabeth
Syvret, Laura
Touzel, George J T
Touzel, Jane
Tushingham, Jonathan
Tushingham, Lilian Stewart
Turpin, Ruby May
Vautier, Berthé
Vibert, Alfred
Waddell, Margaret Jeffrey
Walker, Ian Patrick
Walker, Isobel Lilian
Walker, Lilian Sophie
Walker, Margaret Cooke
Woodfield, Herbert Morton


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