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Travel Permits completed by people leaving Jersey for Southampton on the 28th of May 1919

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May 28th 1919 - May 28th 1919


Immigration and Nationality Department
Balleine, Marie Elizabeth
Baty, Alexander Thomas
Benest, Charles James
Benest, Martha
Berden, Georges
Bisson, Ann
Bisson, Charles Simon
Bisson, Lucille de la Perrelle
Bisson, May Balleine
Le Blanc, Thomas
Bliault, Eleanor
Bliault, Alfred Thomas
Bond, James Richard
Bowen, George Alfred
Le Breton, Adolphus
Brigault, François Armand Gustave
Bromley, Thomas
Buck, Frederick
Budds, Hamilton G
Bullar, John Gollett
Butcher, Walter
Butler, Constance Emily
Butler, Edmond
Chadwick, Samuel
Churchill, Olive
Cooper, John Willington
Copp, Rose Lillian
Corbet, Ernest
Cornick, Elvina
Le Cornu, Elizabeth
Le Couilliard, Francis Charles
Crowdy, Harry Edward
Crowdy, Louisa
Cuming, Charles
Le Dain, Arthur Henry
Duclos, Desire
Falla, Alice
Falla, Eunice
Fryer, Herbert Melville
Gallie, John
Gateley, Thomas Francis Edward
Gould, Mary
Gould, Monica Margaret
Graham, Charles Henry B
Graham, Mary Elizabeth
Halstead, George Ezra
Hampton, Lilian May
Hillyer, Arthur Lee
Hervion, Florence May
Hodgson, Nelson Arthur
Janson, Dorothy
Jeffery, Edwin William
Jevons, Thomas Albert
Jolly, Herbert
Journeaux, Clemance
Lamb, John
Larbalestier, Anna Beatrice
Leat, John William
Levee, Adela Mary
Levee, Anna Mary
MacArthur, James, Bishop of Southampton
De la Mare, Mary
de la Mare, Mabel
de la Mare, Owen Winter
May, Charles Albert
Melin, Rosa E
Moon, Harriett Bertha
Mourant, Arthur G
Murphy, Hubert Antonio
Oppenheim, Alfred Nathaniel
Oppenheim, Jeanne Marcelle
Oppenheim, Richard
Ozanne, Christine
Pack, Henry William
Parrot, Edmée
Pasfield, Elizabeth
Le Poidevin, Ernest John
Le Poidevin, Gertrude
Porter, Mary Bond
Potts, Doris
Le Queré, Anna
Ramble, Horace Augustus
Redgrove, William Raynsford
Remon, George Anthoine
Renney, James
Renney, Jane
Riou, Madeleine Primrose
Riou, Elise
Rodgers, John
Sanders, Jeannette Ellen
Scriven, Eustace John
Scriven, Lucy Emelie
Shales, Eliza Margaret
Shone, Charles Oscar
Sim, Robert Aitken
Skinner, Percy Malpass Goldsmith
Smith, Henry Allen
Spargo, James Edward
Scrivens, Elias
Swayne, Eric John
Talbot, Daisie Ellida Lynch
Thomson, Joseph John
Tichborne, George Morrow
Trant, William H
Tugwell, Lewen Greenwood
Upton, William C O'Carrell
Walker, Robert Wynne Stanley
Walkey, Ethel
Walkey, Samuel Benjamin
Walter, James Harelock
Walton, Martha Edyth
Ware, Albert Richard
Watt, Dora Gwen
Watt, George Seymour
Whethrall, Arthur
Whettingstall, Catherine
Whettingstall, Edwin Philip
Whettingstall, Phyllis Catherine
Whitley, George
Wicks, William
Wilks, William Alfred
Willmett, William Henry
Wills, Walter Henry Hantry
Wilson, Amelia Sarah
Winter, Alfred George


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