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Admission Register for the General Hospital - Entries for patients and inmates with surnames beginning with the letter B




January 1st 1917 - December 31st 1917


Jersey General Hospital
Health and Social Services Department
Balepooreah, Frank Newton
Bell, Mary Charlotte
Brown, Frank Brothers
Bell, Lydia
Becquet, Percy
Bannier, Victorine Marie Josephine
Barnes, Caroline, née Bond
Bastifell, Archibald E H
Bamber, Charles Henry
Brown, George William
Butler, Georgina
Baudains, Thomas John
Baudains, Matilda Alice
Burman, Walter John
Bevans, Alfred James
Bishop, Walter
Le Boulanger, Ann
Le Boutillier, John
Crespin, Jane Mary, née Blampied
Blampied, Jane Mary
Bisson, François
Huelin, Olive, née Benson
Burgess, Robert Edwin
Le Brocq, Mary
Bertram, Susanne Jane
Baudains, George François
Battrick, John
Bosdet, Francois Nicholas
Le Brun, Francis John
Fox, Ellen Olivia, née Brown
Le Brun, Stanley Elias
Blanchard, Gustave
Bisson, Charles Hubert
Belhomme, Jules Ernest Auguste
Le Breton, Louise Victoria
Le Lievre, Jane Elizabeth, née Bisson
Barnes, Albert Edward
Boustouler, Eva
Boloch, Agnes Marie
Badier, George Arthur
Boschat, Honoré
Brassell, Alice Johanna
Berry, William Patrick
Bagwell, Thomas
Le Breton, Mary Ann
Burston, Herbert Tom
Birkett, Amy Christine
McAuliff, Ellen, née Barry
Baudet, Alberta Louisa
Baudet, Selina Esther
Baudet, Albert Francis
Hirel, Josephine, née Boitard
Bisson, Charles Hubert
Burman, Walter John
Baudet, Blanche Mary
Tostevin, Amanda, née Bruck
Brint, Ada Florence
Bisson, Elsie Elise
Boobyer, Kathleen, née Bellot
Mills, Marie Victorine, née Le Bollocq
Bartlett, Reginald Lamb
Rive, Mary Ann, née Brideaux
Le Boutillier, Elsie
Le Barzic, Eugene
White, Edith, née Bing
Godel, Mary Ann, née Le Boutillier
Berteau, Marie Sainte
Bull, Irene Maud Jessie
Le Brocq, James Elias
Boddie, Hilda Hartie
Bellamy, Elsie May
Bellamy, Frederick George
Le Monnier, Matilda Jane, née Burton
Le Gresley, Ann Mary, née Baker
Brown, Robert
Bertram, Helier
Blanchard, John William
Le Boutillier, Gordon
Bailey, Charles William
Le Brédonchel, Arthur
Beckford, John William
Beckford, Cyril George
Bisson, Jane
Blanchard, Edouard
Blanchet, Alphonse Louis
Brown, Robert
Le Breton, Philippe
Balleine, John Alfred
Brien, Sydney
Bisson, Jane Elizabeth


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