Programme for a celebrity-amateur golf tournament golf tournament at La Moye Golf Club organised by the Variety Club of Jersey Golfing Society in conjuction with the Variety Club of Great Britain Golfing Society. The programme contains a scorecard, portraits of celebrities at the event, as well as advertisements for a number of local companies, hotels and restaurants.




May 9th 1976 - May 9th 1976


Abbey, Maurice
Alsford, B
Atherton, J
Attwood, Colin
Bader, Douglas
Baker, Stanley
Ball, Bobby
Barratt, Michael
Bass, Dick
Bechan, Mr
Bell, Leah
Benson, Rae
Brown, Douggie
Brown, F D
Bruton, Tony
Burton, Mike
Butlin, Robert
Butlin, Sir William
Bygraves, Max
Cannon, Tommy
Carreras, Sir James
Carter, Janet
Chambers, J
Charlton, Bobby
Congdon, Leo
Cook, Peter
Cooper, Henry
Cooper, J A
Corbin, A
Corbin, J
Cummins, Dave
Derbyshire, S
Devine, Terry
Dobin, C P
Dodds, M
Drake, Charles
English, J
Field Johnson, T
Fitzpatrick, J
Gee, Dustin
Gillies, Stuart
Goldscheider, Mr
Gould, L M
Griffiths, Griff
Griffiths, Miki
Haire, Tony
Haley, J M W
Harlice, Mr
Henderson, Dickie
Hill, Jimmy
Hope, Mike
Hudson, I
Jacklin, Tony
Keen, Albie
Keith, Gordon
Kemp, Jeremy
Kepel, Mr
Keys, Anthony Nelson
Knightly, Tom
Le Feuvre, Brian
Le Rossignol, Pat
Le Saint, E
Lea, Sidney
Leonard, D W A
Lewis, Geoff
Ludwick, M
Macdonnell, Leslie A
Maclean, Grahame
Madison, R
Mansor, W
Marik, Mr
Marsh, Eric
McEwen, David
McEwen, Joan
McKenzie, Doug
Melville, Barry
Michelmore, Cliff
Miller, Aubrey
Mills, Peter
Mooney, Pat
Mountaine, Noel
Newman, B
O'Neil, J
O'Reagan, James, Father
O'Sullivan, Richard
O'Toole, K
Pearce, A
Pelat, Mr
Piper, G
Randall, Leslie
Read, M
Riscoe, Johnnie
Riscoe, Patsy
Rotherham, J
Rumball, William Norman
Ryrie, K
Samuelson, Michael
Sargeant, A
Searle, A
Segal, Maurice
Soulsby, T
Starr, Joanna
Stevens, Jerry
Stewart, Ed
Stewart, Sir Ian
Sutton, C
Sykes, Eric
Taylor, Brian
Teale, E
Thomson, J
Wall, Kevin
Watkins, R
Watkins, T
Wilshire, P
Wogan, Terry
Ann Street Brewery Company Limited
Behan's West Park
Bond Street (Jersey) Jewellers
Brian Champion Studios
Caesar's Palace
Central Carpet Warehouse Ltd
Channel Hotels and Properties Limited
de Gruchy Department Store
E I M E Limited
Embassy Cigarettes
Fort Regent
Fuzzey Group (Jersey) Ltd
G Orange and Company Limited
Grouville Bay Hotel
H D and W Builders Limited
Hambros (Jersey) Limited
Hotel Ambassadeur
Hotel du Puits
J Broadbent and Company Limited
John Corbin Studios
La Motte Garages
La Moye Golf Club
Le Moulin de Lecq
Litho-Print (Jersey) Limited
Magnet Timber Products (Jersey) Limited
Maison Le Riche
Mark Amy Limited
Marks and Spencer
Modern Hotels Limited
Moorings Hotel
Nordor Construction
Old Court House Hotel
Philip Crane and Mark Amy Limited
Pye Radio
Regent Radio
Restaurant L'Escargot
Rockin Berries (Band)
Sony (United Kingdom) Limited
St Brelade's Garage Limited
Tantivy Motors Limited
Teachers Limited
Tent 52
Variety Club of Great Britain
Variety Club of Great Britain Golfing Society
Variety Club of Jersey
Variety Club of Jersey Golfing Society


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