Expert evidence from Professor Roger Bullock providing an overview of societal and legislative changes in the childcare system in Jersey and the United Kingdom over time.


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1946 - 2014

Scope and Content

During his career, Professor Bullock has studied almost every type of residential establishment for children, as well as taking an interest in child protection, youth offending, preventative initiatives, and surveys of the needs of children, families, and services available. Professor Bullock has also contributed to previous working parties and inquiries concerned with child welfare. Includes A review of services for children in care in the UK since 1945 and a comparison with the situation in Jersey' [The Bullock Report], reviews, articles, reports, standards, circulars, statistics, programmes, annexes, summaries, inquiry reports, frameworks, correspondence, serious case reviews, chapters, inquiries, final reports, literature, acts, guidance, research, orders and regulations.


Bullock, Roger


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