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Travel Permits completed by people leaving Jersey on the SS Ibex on the 17th of June 1919

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June 17th 1919 - June 17th 1919


Immigration and Nationality Department
SS Ibex
Amy, Charles Vincent
Anderson, Cecil Clarence
Armitage, John Hunter
Armitage, Kathleen I
Arthur, Reginald John
Aste, Evelyn
Aste, Percy Howard
Atkins, James Alfred
Baines, Ethel Irine
Barbey, Marie Therese
Bartholomew, Arthur J
Bartholomew, Maude Ethel
Baudains, Elsie Cecilia
Baudains, Hilda Annie
de Baugy, Alice
Beghin, Leon Louis
Béghin, Louis Charles
Bell, Nora Kathleen
Bell, Philip Michael
Bennett, Gordon
Bertrand, Annie Maud
Bisson, Albert Ogier
Bisson, Dinah Zelie
Bisson, George
Le Boutillier, Mabel
De Bouville, Ferdinand
Braithwaite, Raymond Helton
Bretel, Violet Dorothy Weekley
Brown, Helena Louisa
Brown, Ivy Helena
Brown, Malcolm
Brown, Reginald Malcolm
Burger, George Edward
Campbell, Archibald Kenneth
Careless, William Edward
Carrick, Catherine
Carrick, John
Case, William Ambrose
de la Chapelle, Antoine
Le Claire, Mary Ellen
Collings, Amy Rose
Cooke, Emma
Le Cornu, Lizzie
Cosins, Ada Fanny
Cosins, Cecile Winifred
Cosins, Ralph
de Coudenhove, Raoul
Cran, Alice Isobel
Cran, James
Cromack, Emily
Cromack, Freda
de Crousez, William
Cubitt, Edward Levine
Cubitt, Reginald George
Davy, Percy
Daw, Edward
Demazure, Reine Marie
Duffy, Joseph
Dunsford, Lizzie Maria Katharine
Durand, Aimée
Durand, Marie Perrin
Ekins, Hubert Longland
Falla, Nicholas
Falle, Albina Bertram
Falle, Elizabeth Minnie
Falle, Samuel
Fison, Edward Lorimer
Fletcher, John Herbert
Gallichan, Elizabeth
Gateley, Ethel
Gateley, Mabel Emma
Gaul, Catherine Ann Maud
Gellender, George Henry
Gibbons, Francis Charles
Green, James
Green, Rachel Louise
Gregory, Florence Olive
Grist, Kumara June
Guilbert, Gerald Wilfred
Guilbert, Gladys May
Hack, Jessie
Hallam, Vincent James
Handford, Mabel Harriet
Hanstock, Aileen Gertrude
Harding, Geraldine
Harper, Elizabeth
Harper, James
Hatton, Albert
de la Haye, Elsie
Helliwell, Frank Oxley
Hotton, Wilfred John
Hubert, Lilian J
Huelin, Florence Mélanie
Hurst, Charles Alfred
Hutchins, Thomas Philip
James, Miriam
Jones, Adrian Le Patourel
Jones, Elizabeth Jane
Jones, Henry Herbert
Jones, Karyl
Laing, Alexander Walker
Laing, Catherine Mary
Leslie, Jane
Lewis, George Cornwall
Lodge, Eliza
Lodge, Frederick Louis
Long, Catherine Gordon
Long, Nellie Eva
Loyer, Maria Amitie
MacFarlane, Alexander
Mahony, Aileen
Malley, Mabel Hopping
Malley, Winifred Dorothy
Maren, George
Mayne, Katherine Rose
McCoubrey, Eunice Jane
McIntosh, Violet Annie
Mignot, Peter Thomas
Le Mottée, Anna Maria
Mullen, Austen
Myers, Albert
Nash, Sarah
Neil, Amelia
Nicolle, Edmund Toulmin
Noel, Irene Jane
O'Connor, Laura May
Ogier, Hilda H M
Paddon, Russell
Pallot, Elsie Florence
Pellier, Charles de Chanval
Pellier, Leonore Mary de Chanval
Pellier, Winifred Elizabeth Harris
Presse, Grace Ellen
Pinel, Jamie
Podger, Blanche
Le Poidevin, James
Poingdestre, Sydney Richard
Pulsford, Elsie Carol
Renouf, Elsie Eliza
Renouf, Ivy Gertrude
Richards, William Giffard Vivian
Richardson, Elsie Mary
Ridgley, Eliza
Robertson, Kathleen Marion
Robertson, Michael Forbes
Robertson, Mabel Elizabeth
Robertson, Thomas Forbes
Robilliard, Peter Edgar
Rundle, Kate Marion
Runnalls, Annie Maude
Rushton, Joseph
Saudrey, Joseph Alfred
Saudrey, Mary
Scott, Doris Amelia
Scott, John William
Sexton, George Alexander
Shaw, Mabel Gertrude
Sohier, Jenny
Spragg, Alfred
Stevens, Frederick Roland
Stevens, Jane Mary
Le Sueur, Clara Amelia
Le Sueur, Phillip Clement
Thomson, Matthew
Touzel, Beatrice
Touzel, George Thomas
Touzel, Hilda
Townley, Louise
Vaillant, Yvonne
Vautier, Alfred J D
Veasey, Lottie May
Wagstaff, Edward Wynter
Wagstaff, Flora
Wall, James George
Wall, John George
Warne, Olive Gertrude
Watson, John
Way, Edith
Way, John Oscar Dearlove
Whittles, Hannah Maria
Wright, Gladys Ada Guy


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