Digital copy of the Report of the Inquiry into the Removal of Children from Orkney in February 1991 by James J Clyde.

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July 31st 1992 - July 31st 1992

Scope and Content

Relates to introduction to the public inquiry; facts regarding the background of the case, the decision to remove, planning and preparation, final preparations, removal of the children, procedural history, social work department and the parents, children in Highland region, children in Strathclyde, interviews, and the conclusion of the case; commentary regarding events prior to removal, as well as the removal and subsequent events; recommendations regarding child protection, removal of children to places of safety, children in places of safety, children's panel and the reporter, as well as agencies and the community; and summary.


Adams, J D A, Reverend
Adams, Rachel
Aitken, George
Anderson, Iris
Annal, A T
Annal, Cyril
Annal, Janice
Armour, May
Bain, Maureen
Bain, Ouaine
Bell, Graham C
Bell, J David
Bissett-Johnston, A, Professor
Black, Anne
Blance, George
Bowen, Edward
Bray, Christopher
Broadhurst, Richard, Dr
Brown, Susan
Bruce, Mr
Bullock, Roger
Burn, Rachel
Butcher, B G
Campbell, Hugh H
Campbell, J L
Campbell, J P
Campbell, Niall
Chant, John
Chisholm, Janette
Clancy, Ronald
Clark, Lynda
Clayton, Nick
Clyde, Iris
Clyde, James J
Cockburn, Forrester, Professor
Colvin, David
Connor, Fran
Costello, Anne
Crawford, Jim
Crossley, Sharon
Cruicksank, May
Davidson, Susan
Davidson, Valerie, Dr
Dewar, Alan
Dick, J
Dickson, Janice
Dimmer, Mr
Donaldson, Mr
Donnan, Anne
Doohan, John
Drever, Lynn
Driver, Peter M, Dr
Dunning, Norman
Edwards, Derek W, Reverend
Ewart, Carole
Ferguson, Peter
Ferrier, Jane
Finn, Mary
Flett, Ross
Fraser, Charlie
Fraser, Sandy
Furnell, J, Dr
Gall, Detective Constable
George, Martin
Giaretto, H
Gilbert, Ron
Gilmour, Ian
Goodfellow, Jack
Gough, Detective Chief Inspector
Grant, Evelyn
Gray, Detective Sergeant
Greene, Philip
Griffiths, Annie, Dr
Grossley, John
Hadder, Olwyn
Hamilton, Gwendoline
Hamilton, Linda, Dr
Hanson, Hilary, Sergeant
Hassett, Peter
Hays, Sylvia
Heddle, Detective Inspector
Hersee, Paul
Hogarth, James
Hood, Leslie
Hughes, Maureen
Jackson, Michael
Jackson, Philip
Jones, David P H, Dr
Joughin, Gail
Kearney, Sheriff
Kelbie, Sheriff
Kelly, Alastair F
Kemp, P
Kempe, Henry, Dr
Kennedy, Fred
Kirkland, David
Kirkland, Mrs
Kirkwood, Evelyn, Dr
Kitzinger, Jenny
Kusumakar, Vivek, Dr
Lamont, Jill
Lang, Ian Bruce
Lee, Julie
Lee, Paul
Leighton, Ian
Linnitt, Suki
Livsay, L F
Livsay, S E
Locke, Constable
MacDonald, John, Dr
MacFadyen, Sister
Macfayden, Donald
MacGibbon, Steven
MacGregor, Maggie
Mackay, Constable
Mackay, Detective Constable
Mackay, Sergeant
Mackenzie, Gilbert, Dr
Mackenzie, Mr
Mackinnon, Judy
MacLaren, Susan, Constable
MacLaren, Susan
MacLean, Liz
MacLean, Mrs
Mair, Ranald
Manson, Stephen
Marshall, Kathleen A
Martin, Janet
Martini, Helen
Matheson, Fiona
McArthur, Susan
McCallum, Mr
McCarry, Rena
McClaren, Susan
McDonald, John, Dr
McKay, Patricia
McKenzie, Morris, Reverend
McKie, Frances
McLeman, Doreen
McNaught, Chris
McTaggart, Sam
Mellor, Val
Millar, Anne
Millar, Kenneth
Millar, Susan
Miller, Anne, Constable
Miller, John, Detective Sergeant
Miller, Michelle
Milns, Alastair H
Minogue, Kylie
Molyneux, George
Morrison, Nigel
Morton, Hugh, Dr
Morton, Marion
Moynihan, Gerry
Murphy, I C, Dr
Murphy, Rab
Neilson, Mrs
Nelson, Sarah
Nicholson, Yvonne
Oakes, Mrs
Ogg, Derek
Omand, Elma
Patrick, Gail
Peoples, James
Powell, John, Dr
Price, Neil
Rae, John
Raeburn, Malcolm, Detective Constable
Rantzen, Esther
Ratter, John, Superintendent
Reid, D H S, Dr
Revis, Cynthia
Ritchie, Mr
Roberts, Janine
Robertson, Graham
Robson, Brenda
Ross, Pamela, Constable
Roy, Mr
Sargent, Christine
Sayles, Mr
Sayles, Mrs
Scholes, Alistair
Scott, Jennifer
Scott, W E
Sharp, Alistair
Sharp, Neil
Shearer, Mr
Shepherd, Charles, Dr
Silverstone, Linda
Sinclair, James
Skinner, Angus
Sloan, Gordon
Southall, D
Stafford, Ann, Dr
Starrs, Ray
Steele, Brian
Stevenson, Lindsey
Stewart, A
Strutt, C E H
Sutherland, William, Detective Sergeant
Tait, Jackie
Targowski, Edward
Taylor, Elsie
Taylor, James
Thompson, H
Thomson, B
Thomson, L G
Thomson, Malcolm
Thomson, S
Thorpe, Michael
Tolmie, Brian
Toth, Patricia
Trickett, Mhairi
Trowell, Judith, Dr
Truscott, Ian
Wallace, Fiona, Constable
Wallace, Jackie
Wallace, Jim
Whyte, Lorna M
Williamson, Linda, Constable
Wood, Karen
Aberdeen Press and Journal
Association of Directors of Social Work
Association of Police Surgeons
Association of Reports to Children's Panels
Balfour and Manson Nightingale and Bell (Solicitors)
Biggart Bailie and Gifford (Solicitors)
Booth Hall Children's Hospital, Salford
British Association for the Study and Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect
British Association of Social Workers
British Paediatric Association
British Psychology Society
Camoran Children's Home
Central Council for Education and Training in Social Work
Chrichton Royal Hospital
Church of Scotland
Church of Scotland Board of Social Responsibility
Commodore Hotel
Cromarty Hall
Department of Health
Dundas and Wilson (Solicitors)
Edinburgh University
Eigenwelt School of Psychotherapy
European Convention on Human Rights
Family Finding Centre
Fife Regional Council
Geilsland School
Gillam Mackie (Solicitors)
Glasgow Bar Association
Glasgow Corporation
Glasgow University
Highland Council
Highland Region Child Protection Committee
J and A Hastie (Solicitors)
Jordanhill College
Killen Resource Centre
Kirkwall Grammar School
Lawford Kidd (Solicitors)
Lothian Social Work Department
Lyons Laing (Solicitors)
McCluskey Browne (Solicitors)
McGrigor Donald (Solicitors)
Minneapolis Centre
Moray House
National and Local Government Officers' Association
National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children
Orkney Child Case Office
Orkney Islands Council
Orkney Islands Health Board
Orkney Social Work Department
Parents Against Injustice
Presbytery of Orkney
Queen's University of Belfast
Queen's College Glasgow
Regional and Islands Reporters' Group
Religious Society of Friends
Royal College of Physicians
Royal College of Psychiatrists
Royal Edinburgh Hospital
Royal Hospital for Sick Children, Glasgow
Royal Hospital for Sick Children, Lothian
Scottish Child Law Centre
Scottish Council for Civil Liberties
Scottish Marriage Guidance Council
Scottish Office Home and Health Department
Secretary of State for Scotland
Sheffield Health Authority
Shepherd and Wedderburn (Solicitors)
Simpson and Marwick (Solicitors)
Social Work Services Group
Sorcerer's Apprentice Legal Fighting Fund
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Strathclyde University
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St Margaret's Hope School
Sunday Times
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Tayside Regional Council
The Orcadian (Newspaper)
The Park Hospital for Children, Oxford
University of Dundee
University of Reading
Yorkhill Hospital


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