Digital copy of the Report of the Committee of Inquiry into Children's Homes and Hostels by William H Hughes, W J Patterson and H Whalley.

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December 31st 1985 - December 31st 1985

Scope and Content

Relates to an inquiry into children's homes and hostels in Northern Ireland. Includes chapters on: an introduction to the Inquiry; the residential child care system 1960-1980; Kincora Boys' Hostel 1960-1973; Kincora Boys' Hostel 1973-1980; Valetta Park Hostel; Bawnmore Boys' Home; Williamson House; Palmerston Reception and Assessment Centre; Nazareth Lodge Children's Home; De La Salle Boys' Home, Rubane House, Kircubbin; Barnardo's, Sharonmore Project; Manor House Home; present procedures and recommendations; and final remarks. Also includes the appendices to the report, including the terms of reference of the Inquiry, lists of individuals who submitted a written submission, or who gave oral evidence, to the Committee, and the legal representation of the Inquiry.


British Association of Social Workers
Aloysia, Mary, Sister
Armstrong, Patrick
Bamford, Terence
Bingham, Robert
Black, Richard
Blair, Robert
Blundy, David
Bone, Peter
Brangam, W A
Brittan, Leon
Brown, Elizabeth
Brown, Sir Thomas
Buchanan, George
Bullock, Roger
Bunting, Robert
Cahill, T V
Cardwell, Joshua
Carroll, Rodney
Caskey, George
Cavanagh, Catherine
Challen, Michael
Chard, Alan
Chartres, Heather
Coghlan, P
Coleman, Donald
Comerton, E A
Commins, Christopher
Compton, John
Conway, Lindsay
Corrigan, Anne
Coulter, Brian
Cullen, James
Cush, P J
Dodd, Frederick
Dowling, Kevin
Dunlop, John
Elder, Robert
Fee, B
Fiddis, Elizabeth
Fitt, Lord Gerry
Flanagan, P
Forrest, Kay
Gibson, B
Gibson, Peter
Gillen, J de W
Gilliland, Edward
Gogarty, Helen
Graham, John
Greene, B J
Grey, Sharon, née McClean
Hassard, Jack
Haughey, Arthur, Father
Hayes, Maurice, Dr
Hendry, George
Hermon, Sir John
Herron, Stanley
Higham, Gordon
Hill, Mabel
Holroyd, Frederick, Captain
Hughes, William Henry
Hyland, Anna
Jackson, Girvan
Jackson, Mr
Jackson, Jack
Jackson, William
Jamison, David
Jarvis, David
Johnston, Rita
Johnston, William
Johnston, W J
Kennedy, H P
Kennedy, Judith
Ker, Sandra
Kerr, B F
Kyle, Molly
Lavery, C M
Lowry, Helen
Lowry, Helen
Lyttle, P
Mack, S R
Magee, Keith
Maguire, P E
Main, Andrew
Mains, Joseph
Malone, Edward
Malone, Judith, née Williams
Markey, P
Marrinan, D P
Martin, J A N
Martin, Peter
Mason, Henry
Mateer, P A
Maxwell, Anne
Maxwell, M E
Maybin, Michael
Mercier, David
McCaffrey, C A
McCallion, Patrick
McCann, P, Reverend
McCartney, R L
McErlean, Seamus
McGonagle, Stephen
McGrath, Lorna
McGrath, William
McGuigan, James
McKay, Colin
McKenna, Peter
McKitterick, David
McMann, Peter, Reverend
McNulty, J O
McManus, John
McTernan, John
Meharg, William
Mills, Robert
Moloney, Ed
Mooney, William
Moore, Chris
Moore, Robert
Morgan, G
Morris, Alan
Morrison, Ruth, née McIntosh
Morrow, David
Mullally, Monsignor, Reverend
Napier, Myra
Nicholl, Eddis
Nihill, Mary
O'Brien, D
O'Clery, Conor
O'Connor, John, Father
O'Donnell, Frances
O'Kane, John
O'Reilly, F E
O'Reilly, F G P
Orr, Ronald
Paisley, Ian, Dr, Reverend
Patterson, William James
Philbin, William, Bishop
Pollak, Andrew
Prior, James
Quinn, Stephen
Reid, Alphonsus, Brother
Reid, Hilary
Reynolds, Marion
Ringland, D A
Robertson, Kenneth
Robinson, Margaret
Ross, William
Schleimer, Trudy
Scoular, Clive
Scully, John
Semple, Raymond
Sharpe, Robert
Shaw, Valerie
Sheridan, A M
Shiel, J J
Sillery, Gerald
Simpson, C A
Smith, P D
Smith, Robert
Smyth, D W
Smyth, Douglas
Smyth, John K
Smyth, John W
Smyth, Martin, Reverend
Starkey, Hugh, Father
Terry, Sir George
Thompson, J T
Thompson, William
Todd, Brian
Tombe, Joan
Toner, H P
Wallace, Colin
Weir, R G
Whalley, Harry
Whyte, Muriel
Wilde, James
Wilson, Mary
Witchell, Eric
Young, John
Association of Directors of Social Services
Association of Directors of Social Services, Northern Ireland
Association of District Committees for the Health and Personal Social Services, Northern Ireland
B Gibson
Bawnmore Boys' Home, Newtonabbey
Belfast Welfare Authority
Bogue and McNulty
British Association of Social Workers
C and J Black
Central Council for Education and Training in Social Work
County Down Welfare Committee
Department of Health and Social Services for Northern Ireland
De La Salle Boys' Home
Donnelly and Wall
Dr Barnado's
E Morrow and Company
Eastern Health and Social Services Board
Elliott Duffy Garrett
Essex Police Force
G Farrell
Health and Social Services
Her Majesty's Stationery Office
HM Prison, Lewes
Irish Independent
Irish Times
J Ballentine and Son
J Johnson and Son
Kincora Boys' Home
Manor House Home
McCartan Turkington Breen and Company
Ministry of Defence
Ministry of Health and Local Government
Ministry of Health and Social Services
Ministry of Home Affairs
Murphy Kerr and Company
Nazareth Lodge
National Association of Probation Officers
National Children's Home Training College
Northern Health and Social Services Board
National Health Service
Northern Ireland Association of County and County Borough Welfare Committees
Northern Ireland Public Service Alliance
Northern Ireland Staffs Council for the Health and Social Services
Order of the Poor Sisters of Nazareth, London
P J O'Hare
Palmerston Assessment Centre
Patterson Taylor and Company
Project for Children in Care and After Care
Purdysburn Hospital
R Murphy
Rathgael and Whiteabbey Schools Management Board
Rathgael Training School
Royal College of Nursing
Royal Ulster Constabulary
Rupert Stanley College
S J Diamond and Son
Sharonmore Project
Social Care Association
Southern Health and Social Services Board
St Martin's Day Centre, East Belfast
Sunday Mirror
Sunday Times
T Donaghy and Company
T Smyth and Company
Valetta Park Hostel
Western Health and Social Services Board
Williamson House


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