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Travel Permits completed by people leaving Jersey on the 25th of June 1919

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June 25th 1919 - June 25th 1919


Immigration and Nationality Department
Adair, Janet Ann
Adams, Alexander
Adams, Alice Hannah
Ames, Ellen Ada
Arthur, Charles Francis
Baker, Marjorie
Balleine, John Alfred
Balleine, Martha Briard
Barker, Stanley Smith
Bartlam, William
Bathurst, Blanche
Bathurst, Fred
Benest, Ada Emily
Benn, Sylvester Munro
Berry, George Frederick
Betty, Edwin Charles Verrier
Bichard, Clifford Herbert
Bichard, Ethel Florence
Bichard, Miriam Mabel
Bichard, Peter James
Bignell, Edith Marie
Bignell, James Edmund Christopher
Birkinshaw, Bertha Kate
Birkinshaw, Wilfred Frank
Bishop, William George
Blackler, Ruth Annie
Bland, George
Blomeley, Harry Frederick
Blomeley, Daisy Georgina
Blomeley, Frederick Ernest
Blomeley, Frederick William
De Bourcier, Amelia Ellen
De Bourcier, Grace Agatha
Bradley, Sarah Elizabeth
Le Breton, Edith
Brockbank, Joseph James
Brook, George A
Bryer, Clement F
Burton, Hilda Emily
Butt, Rose
Campbell, Kenneth Jeffrey Rankin
Campling, Mary Ann
Canning, Louisa
Cleversley, Jack
Cleversley, Jessie Gertrude
Collins, John Sidney
Conroy, P J
Le Bouillard, Mabel Annie
Coventry, Florence May
Coventry, Frank
Coventry, James
Currie, Thomas
Dalton, Mabel Jane
Davison, George Frederick
Luce, Doris Maud Day
Diserens, Susan Marie
Dobson, Dan
Drot de Gourville, Louise
Dyer, Alfred Henry
Dyer, Sarah Winter
Caton, Aletheia Cooper
Caton, James Adrian
Edwards, Ellis E
Edwards, Elsie
Elvin, William
Ely, Charles
Falla, Herbert
Falla, Louise A R
Feltham, Jon
Fleetwood, Ernest Henry
Fuller, Arthur Carlton
Gibbons, Mary
Giles, William Norman
Godfray, Aice Elizabeth
Goode, Amy
Greaves, Lilian Maud
Greene, John
Greensted, Thomas Benjamin
Grissold, Emmie
Grut, Gertrude Annie
Guiton, Leonora Sarah
Guiton, Norah Margaret
Hamling, John William
Harris, William John
Delahaye, Louisa M
Heaton, Walter
Heaton, Winifred Mary
Hemmons, Guy Eric
Hemson, Ada May
Hemson, Henry Vincent
Henderson, Montague Evans
Hill, Edwin
Hipwell, Harry Thomas
How, Nellie
Hubbard, Leonard Vincent
Hubbard, Vincent
Jackson, James
Jaunet, R C
Kenny, Thomas
Kinsey, Charles Edward
Knowles, Mary
Knowles, Oscar Fretwell
Langlois, George Alfred
Langlois, Henri Victor
Laugeard, Lilian
Lawn, Benjamin J
Lester, Lucy
Lewis, George Cornwall
Livingstone, Florrie
Livingstone, Rita
Livingstone, Stanley Ronald Arthur
Luce, Emmeline Eliza
Luce, Philip Edwin
Luke, Paget V
Lynott, Alfred
Izale, G
de Raucourt, Gaetan
Highlands College
Le Roux, Joseph


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