Digital copy of Exhibit 5: Witness statement given by Witness 28 to the State of Jersey Police dated 12 March 2008 providing an account of their experiences of physical and sexual abuse during their time under the care of the States of Jersey at Haut de la Garenne. [Some details redacted]. Used as evidence in relation to Witness 28's witness statement to the Inquiry dated 15 January 2015 [C/D/AW1/B3/5/WS000334].

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March 12th 2008 - March 12th 2008

Scope and Content

Background and Home Life Describes home circumstances and reasons for being taken into care as a toddler and placed at Haut de la Garenne, along with their siblings. Institutions Reflects on arrival at Haut de la Garenne, describing Haut de la Garenne as a home for orphans, wards of Court and criminals. Placed in Aviemore (known as A) Group as a young child before being transferred to Baintree (known as B) Group at the age of 5 or 6. Details daily routine at Haut de la Garenne, including breakfast, schooling at St. Martin’s Primary School, meal times and playing in the fields with other children. Recounts meal times in the dining room, and disproportionate acts of discipline for small infractions of manners. Describes the detention cells, snooker room, basement and garages at Haut de la Garenne. Lists other residents at Haut de la Garenne, such as Michael Aubin. Names staff at Haut de la Garenne such as Colin Tilbrook, Morag Jordan (née Kidd), Tony Jordan, Jim Thomson, and recalls the living arrangements of Tony and Morag Jordan, and child care staff drinking on site. Describes positive and neutral interactions with other members of staff and questioning the extent to which other staff were aware of the ongoing abuse. Mentions Cherry Tree Lodge, an institution for emotionally disturbed or disabled children that residents were threatened with transfer to should they attempt to report abuse. Abuse and Consequences Describes instances of physical and sexual abuse throughout their time at Haut de la Garenne, with the abuse worsening once they moved into B Group. Describes residents knowing to expect abuse when staff had been drinking and partying. Describes physical abuse as a form of punishment for infractions at meal times, and other instances of physical abuse by Morag Jordan, Tony Jordan and Jim Thomson. Describes being physically abused in a bath, locked in an under stairs cupboard and the boot rooms, all as forms of punishment. Lists abuse as having taken place in the detention cells, toilets, showers, dormitories, staff flats, the shoe room, the Fort at L’Auberge du Nord, and physical and sexual abuse having taken place in a basement area with a bath, trap door, and chair. Details instances of sexual abuse by members of staff such as Colin Tilbrook, Jim Thomson, and residents such as Michael Aubin. Describes sexual abuse taking place in the garages, on occasions where Jim Thomson dressed as Father Christmas, and the presence of politicians or prominent figures at line ups where children were selected for abuse. Recalls a visiting father sexually abusing children at Haut de la Garenne. Reflects on wanting to tell nice staff at Haut de la Garenne about the abuse but not doing so due to fear of punishment. Refers to threats made against their life should they have told anyone. Recounts starting to fight back against the abuse between the age of 13 to 15, and an instance where they attempted to injure Morag Jordan with a fork, only to sustain further physical abuse. Events since leaving Care Recounts attempting to report abuse to the police between 1995 to 1997, reporting the abuse to counsellors, and believing that they would be punished if they reported the abuse to other staff. Tells of inaction of the police, and transfer to another institution after attempting to report the abuse, and perceiving this move as an attempt to keep them quiet.


Haut de la Garenne
Cherry Tree Lodge
St Martin's School
Aubin, Michael
Jordan, Morag Louise, née Kidd
Jordan, Anthony
States of Jersey Police
Thomson, Jim
Tilbrook, Colin


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